Verea (Female) seems to have a natural talent for acquiring

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Verea (Female) seems to have a natural talent for acquiring languages, she is motivated and enthusiasticabout learning Arabic. She is very confident and can successfully communicate her thoughts and ideas.Her listening skills are excellent, thus she has good comprehension skills, also she is very good atincorporating newly-learned vocabulary and structures, this ability should be beneficial in helping herfurther in Arabic studies. It is recommended that she should now pay special attention to accuracy inboth grammar and writing, coupled with a conscientious, disciplined attitude towards her studies, sheshould be able to make rapid progress. It’s been a pleasure teaching her.Saleha (Female)She has been a dedicated and hard-working student throughout the course. She acquired andassimilated new material very well and as a result has gained more confidence. In fact, it seems that allher language skills have improved which is clear from her enhanced speaking and writing skills. It isrecommended that now she needs to focus on the accuracy of grammar and structure, therebyeliminating errors in tenses usage, spelling and sentence structure. She makes sure of her attendanceand discipline that she didn’t miss any class and being punctual during the course. It’s been a pleasureteaching her.Carlo (Male) has been one of the brightest students of the class, he is truly talented. He has very goodaccuracy and fluency of learning new words and grammar with ease, he is having the passion forlearning Arabic, has been quick to learn new concepts and it seems that his listening skills haveimproved from earlier. His skills of reading and grammar are excellent. If he continues to do the hardwork along with dedication it will surely help him to achieve his goals. It’s been a pleasure teaching him.Anuar (Male) he has lost his motivation because (please give reason)He has very good vocabulary skills as well as a comprehensive knowledge of phrases in both writing andorals skills. His fluency and accuracy have improved and he is able to get his point across clearly. Hispronunciation is very good as well. His written work is excellent and he needs to focus himself more onlearning the language to get some grammatical structure. Reading more of outside class materialswould go a long way in helping him with the structure of his way of speaking with accuracy as well asexpanding his range of vocabulary. Above all, he is very eager to learn and very disciplined, delivered alot, always on time. He has very good attitude, it’s been a pleasure teaching him.
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