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Vertebrae Staircase Assignment

Added on - 29 Nov 2019

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1Vertebrae Staircase / Andrew McConnellName:Institution:Professor:Date:
2Vertebrae Staircase / Andrew McConnellVertebrae Staircase / Andrew McConnellThe staircase is one of the interesting components of a house. From the uses, the staircasehas turned to be a key element, which designers must pay close attention to. The design changesto suit different aspects keep on happening on different parts of the construction industry. Thestaircase is not an option and this has witnessed different designs being presented and done. Oneof the interesting staircase which I enjoy designing is the Vertebrae staircase, which isrepresented on the article by Karissa Rosenfield. Andrew McConnell first did the design of thisstaircase. It is known that the design of the staircase was inspired by whale spine, where the stairis able to represent the organic form of the animal (Rosenfield, 2013 and Rust, 2005). Thisarticle will represent to major key parts of the staircase, which include the landing and theguardrail components. In details, the paper will talk about the design aspects and the intendedaesthetic factors of the parts. Lastly, this paper will look at the different materials, which areused, and their intention in the staircase.The landing is a key component of the staircase since it is able to bear the completelymoving weight. During the design of the staircase, this part must be strong enough to be able tobear the load and withstand the forces, which are applied. Floor plates are used in this type ifstaircase as the main landings. The landings, which are the floor plates are only attached on onearea, which connects to the guardrail. This is done to bring out the aesthetic part of a whalespine. The lack of double support on both ends makes the staircase interesting and worthenjoyable in designing (BD & L (Firm), 2011). Moreover, the beat part of every design designrelies on the structural capability to be able to carry the design load. This is well taken care ofsince different materials with different strength are used to ensure that the staircase does not failunder the load. The design uses steel in order to take care of the structural capability to carry the
3Vertebrae Staircase / Andrew McConnelldesign load. Steel firing are used in the staircase in order to the required strength capability(Rosenfield, 2013). Different connections are made inform of structural spirals, which are able torun through the vertebra and the handrail. In addition, structural foam and the network of thesteel connections are used in the design to attain the required strength of the staircase (Caswell &Recorded Books, Inc., 2012). The different parts are unified by the vertebra section and thereforeincreasing the aesthetic part of the staircase. The interlocking of the parts is rigid and self-supporting to ensure that the staircase is able to meet the different aspects of design. In terms ofmaterials used, the staircase utilizes the durable layer of fiber materials, which is able to enhancethe appearance and aesthetic of the staircase. The design of the landings is done to ensure that thelanding will not fail under loss (Rosenfield, 2013). The connection s of steel to the vertebra andstructural spiral are well connected to ensure that the design parameters are met.
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