Video Of Father Gabriel Reciting Lord Jesus Christ

Added on -2020-02-05

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Showing pages 1 to 1 of 2 pages Gabriel;s prayer-orthodox Animation Cartoon.The video features father Gabriel sitting in a luscious green forest reciting Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a couple of times using a very low and steady tone, a verse from the bible is quoted that reminds you of the importance of prayer in your life. The few assumptions that I have come to are, someone is at peace, a retreat to find one’s self, a spiritual connection. Father Gabriel then is featured sitting to have a meal and a verse from the bible is quoted during his meal to also remind one that when you sit to eat, pray and when you eat bread be thankful. Then father Gabriel consumes wine, consequently a verse was quoted to remind the person that you should be very careful when consuming wine and indulging oneself. Father Gabriel then dresses himself with another verse from the bible quoted to remind the person tothank Him for providing clothes. Father Gabriel then watches sunrise with another verse to remind the person to give thanks to the one who created everything for mankind’s benefit. Then following sunset, father Gabriel then preforms another prayer and a verse was quoted along with a picture of Jesus above the quote to command to throw oneself at God’s feet when you look at the sky and the beauty of the stars, father Gabriel then bows towards the picture of Jesus that was displayed in the skies Paul. Understanding animation.This cartoon was done in a way to simplify the Christian orthodox teachings for the younger generation. The animation along with the background slow music was done in an inviting manner. The colours were very vibrant and within the featured cartoon there were no other structures besides the church which allows a bigger focus on importance of it in their lives. Father Gabriel performed the daily routines following his morning prayer. Paul.Understanding animation During those ordinary routines there were constant reminders of how to thank God, how to appreciate God’s creation and that we need to appreciate the things we

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