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Video Title: “Documentary on Hyenas”
Word Counts: 2583 words.
Introductory Transition
The hyena may be Africa’s most maligned and misunderstood species. Widely
loathed as mangy, spiteful, sometimes coward, and sometimes evil, its ability to
arouse our collective contempt is unmatched among Africa’s mammals. Hyenas
have some unsavory habits, they are fascinating, even admirable. It seems they
may not be the simpering, sly grave robbers of popular lore, after all.
In Africa the hyena is the most common large predator. You can easily find them
in safari.In this video we will talk about the 20 interesting facts about the hyenas.
Fact#1 Habitat
Habitat of hyenas depends on the types of the hyenas. Brown hyenas have a very
restricted up to small ranges and live only in Southern Africa, in the regions of the
Namib and Kalahari deserts. They are usually found near the Orange River in
South Africa. Spotted hyenas have a little bit bigger range and live up to the south
of the Sahara Desert. They occur all over sub-Saharan Africa, and are the most
abundant large predators in the Serengeti.
The striped hyena has the largest range of all kinds of the hyenas. It lives in
middle east, northeast Africa, and the Asia, all the way to southern Siberia.
Hyenas can adjust to almost any habitat and are found in plains, forests,
savannas, forest boundaries, sub-deserts and mountains upto 13,000 feet.
Fact#2 Life, weight and speed;
Hyenas can live up to 25 years in captivity and can they have weight between 110
and 190 pounds. They can run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Their jaw and
skulls can take 7 to 10 years to get fully developed, long after they’ve reached
sexual maturity.
The longest recorded living spotted hyena was in captivity and lived to 41 years
and 1 month old!
Fact#3 They are adept hunters
One of the longest standing false indictments against the hyena is that they are
pure scavengers. Mostly that they steal most of their food from higher predators
like lions etc. In fact, studies have exposed that 66 to 90% of hyena’s meal come
from the hunting and killing the preys, and when it comes to the actual hunt they
are very adaptable and successful hunters. As cursorial hunters, hyenas grasp
their prey till thier exhaustion. Hyenas can bring down prey many times their size,
they have been noted to kill cape buffalo and even the giraffes.
Fact#4 They are great mothers
Hyenas are surprisingly one of the best mothers in the animal realm, devoting
more energy per cub than any other terrestrial meat-eater. Hyenas give birth to 1
to 3 cubs. Hyena cubs are very “precocial”, meaning they are born in a extra
advanced stage of development like when they born thier eyes are open, teeth
intact, and muscles are ready to go, distinct many of the cat species where cubs
are born largely blind and weak for some weeks. Hyena mothers produce awfully
fat and protein-rich milk and they produce a lot of it for a long period. Hyena cubs
are totally reliant on on milk for the first six months of their lives and nurse up to
another year. All of that is a lot of pressure on a solo mother as hyenas do not like
to cross-suckle, even they are closely related females.
Spotted Hyenas typically give birth to young within den areas and then shift to a
“kindergarten” zone soon after. This allows them to meet other cubs and contest
for supremacy, without the helping hand of their mother.
Fact#5 They are amazingly intelligent
Maybe due to the misunderstanding of their laugh and snicker vocalization
hyenas are thought to be foolish, but hyenas show appalling signs of intelligence.
In fact, hyena intelligence is supposed to mimic the progress of our own
intelligence, with success through multifaceted social behaviors lashing brain
evolution. In tryouts hyenas out performed even chimpanzees like in the group
problem solving. Anyone who has spent any time with hyenas in the wild can
prove to their inquisitive and intrusive behavior. It is even observed elementary
tool-use by hyena to attain goals such as escaping from cage traps.
Fact#6 They can count
Studies have exposed that hyenas can determine the number of other hyenas in a
competing clan and choose their best course of action. Likewise, males who look
to join a novel clan will always join the clan having the smallest number of males
in the clan, after doing a quick census.
Fact#7 The females have complicated and unusual genitals
Debatably the worst false allegation against hyenas is that they are
hermaphrodites. This is totally false, but there's a very good reason why it was
thought to be true. Female hyenas do in fact have a both the pseudopenis and
pseduoscotum aspects, both of which are persuasively similar to male’s make-up.
The pseudopenis is in fact her clitoris, which has grown to mimic the male’s
anatomy with the whole urogential track running through it. Females tend to
urinate, do sex, and give birth to cubs b this structure. The reason for this male
mimicry is not completely known yet, but likely has its evolutionary antiquity
rooted in the advantages of looking like and even being confused as a male.
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