Violations Relating to Human Rights Essay

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Poverty is the most egregious human rightsviolation in the contemporary world
A power which is available to every person living in this world is known as human right.Execution, torture, etc. are some of its examples relating to violation if rights available to anindividual. Poverty is a situation when someone does not have money or any other resource tofulfil his/her basic needs like food, shelter, etc. (Alkire and Foster, 2011). This report is based onviolations relating to human rights. Its main focus is on poverty which is one of the mostsignificant issue of this era. Some people in this world are getting rich day by day while, on theother hand some are dying as they are hungry for more than couple of months. It isunderstandable that every person cannot become rich but according to law, every individualdeserves the basic resources which are necessary for living. There was a time when most of theregions were suffering from this problem. At that time, they could not help each other but now,significant number of countries have overcome this issue and people residing in these nations areliving more than lavish life. Before discussing about various articles relating to poverty and the way it can be stopped,it is important to understand the causes of this problem (Alkire and Foster, 2011). In some partsof Asia, the reason behind this issue is overpopulation. The resources like food, land, water, etc.are less in these countries when they are compared to the total number of population living inthat nation. Africa continent is facing this trouble because poverty is present in their culture andmost of the time they suffer from epidemic diseases like malaria, Zika virus etc. Lack ofeducation and economy of a region are some other causes which stop large amount of populationto get basic needs which are essential for their living. Environmental problems like drought orheavy rainfalls are also considered as the prime reason of poverty. According to a research donein California, almost 50% of the people who are currently living in this world are forced to useinferior quality goods which make a negative impact on their health. Some of them earn less thantwo 2.5 dollar per day. In the present era, there are many organisations that are working in this issue. Some ofthem are run by state or national government and others are funded by rich people (Dercon andChristiaensen, 2011). It is the duty of every single person living in this world to make somecontribution either in the terms of money or by providing free goods and services. Most of thepeople do not know that poverty is also considered as a violation of human rights. Authoritiescannot give punishment to someone if they are capable but not making some contribution inremoving poverty. However, as an individual, every human being has to think of this trouble and
try to find its solution. If a person or country has resources more than they need then it is theirresponsibility to do some charity and provide necessary sources of living to most of theunderprivileged people. The gap between rich and poor people is widening and according tosome experts of this field, this problem will get bigger in the upcoming period. 2

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