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VOIP Part 2 (Gantt and PERT Charts)

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Added on  2020-11-12

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PROJECT MANAGEMENTVOIP Part 2 (Gantt and PERT Charts)Student name:Institution:
VOIP Part 2 (Gantt and PERT Charts)_1
PROJECT MANAGEMENTProject management (Gantt and PERT Chart)Project management is the method on which professionals or decision maker makesestimation based on scheduling the entire process of the plan. However, there are various tasksand milestones which has to be set by an individual with reference to make effective planningbased on time, costs, schedules, organising and coordinating activities. In the present assessmentthere will be use of Gantt and PERT Chart on which people will have appropriate informationregarding the tasks which will be used in the completion of project. In addition, the plan is basedon increasing the efficiency of IT staff in Oracle which will go through several milestones in arespective period (Tonchia, 2018). There have been differences between Gantt, CPM and PERTchart methods in analysing time and cost for activities in a project.Tasks:Task ModeTask NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsAuto ScheduledAnalysing performance of business2 daysMon 11-02-19Tue 12-02-19Auto Scheduleddetermining performance of competitors1 dayWed 13-02-19Wed 13-02-191Auto ScheduledEvaluating performance ofemployees2 daysThu 14-02-19Fri 15-02-192,1Auto ScheduledIdentifying technical requirement in business3 daysMon 18-02-19Wed 20-02-193,1Auto ScheduledAnalysing employee skills,qualification and talent2 daysThu 21-02-19Fri 22-02-194Auto Scheduleddemonstrating their training needs1 dayThu 14-02-19Thu 14-02-192Auto Scheduledimplicating reformative techniques4 daysMon 18-02-19Thu 21-02-196,3Auto Scheduledupgrading software2 daysFri 22-02-19Mon 25-02-197,6Auto Scheduletraining workforce for learning and 3 daysMon 25-02-19Wed 27-02-196,51
VOIP Part 2 (Gantt and PERT Charts)_2
PROJECT MANAGEMENTdunderstanding new softwareAuto Scheduledscheduling their training session2 daysThu 28-02-19Fri 01-03-199Auto ScheduledPracticing in daily tasks1 dayTue 26-02-19Tue 26-02-198Auto Scheduledanalysing their performance2 daysFri 22-02-19Mon 25-02-197Auto ScheduledMonitoring their activities3 daysMon 04-03-19Wed 06-03-1910,11Auto Scheduledanalysing training needs3 daysThu 07-03-19Mon 11-03-1913,12Auto Scheduledrescheduling the sessions1 dayTue 12-03-19Tue 12-03-1914Gantt Chart Method:This is the method which reflect the tasks on the basis of its number of days and links thefollowing activities after completion of a particular task. Moreover, it helps in scheduling theplan, coordinating and redesigning the entire work process (Gantt Chart, 2019). Advantages ofthis technique is that it is a summarised diagram which determines the tasks along with its costsand resources. The drawback is that, it does not clarify which tasks to be followed by aprofessional.2
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