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WAC Rules1. WAC Rules2. WAC Rules on Pipeline Project.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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WAC RULES2IntroductionMore than 15.8 billion gallons of dangerous chemicals and oil are transported to and fromWashington State by the help of large pipeline networks and oil tankers every year. The sea andfresh water of the state support some of the vital and productive ecosystems in the world. But thehazardous spill of oil and chemicals in water and on land can be dangerous for a living being inwater as well as on land.DiscussionWAC rules were made especially for pipelines carrying hazardous chemicals andpetrochemicals. Typically, the pipeline maps covered in the plans are not pointing by a point or ina detailed way. The new standard will support the arrangement since it requires the planningexpert to build up a geographic data device for making a good decision. The holder of the planwill make and keep up a Geographic Information Planning Tool which enables the planningexpert to screen the mapping and spell oil, settle on choices and increment the recuperation andevacuation task described in the arrangement.GIS Tools will be used to locate the spill of oils and leakages in pipelines. The pipelinedetails include location information for line segments, pipeline control points, block breaks,pipeline right of the way, prevention structures, safety equipment, block valves, access pointsand control stations. Tools must be able to include information of cultural, sensitive naturaland economic areas that will also include the applicable GRP. (Chang, 2008)While pipelines provide oil and gas a cost-effective way of transport across longdistances, but it is still important for companies to save the pipeline development cost when theycan. Pipeline development makes the most important investment capital of oil and gascompanies, so what they can do to cut costs helps. According to the rule, to ensure that the
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