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Wagon design and Calculations1Dynamic Forces of A Train WagonAuthor
Wagon design and Calculations2ProfessorUniversityCity, StateDateWagon Design and Calculations1.The total weight of the four-axle freight wagon is taken to be80tonnes. Thetotal mass of the wagon thus translates to 80,000 kg.
Wagon design and Calculations32.The total length of the four-axle freight wagon is taken to be10metres.3.The component masses of the four axle freight wagon are computed as follows. Theassumptions made for these computations include the payload as the wagon isassumed to be in loaded condition. The wagon is also assumed to contain composeof three different parts, which are the car bodies, the bogie frames and the wheelsets.The payload is assumed to be taken as 80 percent of the total wagon bodyA.Car BodyAs per the instructions given, the weight of the car body is assumed to be80% of the total wagon weight including the payload.=(80/100)*80=64 tonnesThen, mass of the car body = (64)*1000= 64,000 kgB.Side frameWeight of a side frame is assumed to be 7.5% of the total weight of thewagon in loaded condition.
Wagon design and Calculations4So weight of the side frame = 7.5% of 80=(7.5/100)*80=6 tonnesThen mass of the side frame = (6)*1000 = 6000 kgSince the boogie frames are 2 the side frame total weight is given by6000 * 2 = 12,000 kgC.Wheel setThe weight of each wheel set is assumed to be 1.25% of the total weight ofthe wagon in the loaded condition.So, weight of the wheel set = 1.25% of 80=(1.25/100)*80=1 tonnesThen, mass of the wheel set = (1)*1000 = 1000 kgSince the wheel sets are 4, the total mass of the wheelsets is given by
Wagon design and Calculations54 * 1000 kg = 4000kg.(Shen, 2011, p. 589)
Wagon design and Calculations64.Dimensions assumptions and Sketches of the componentsA.Car body dimensions assumed were as follows:L= 10 metresW = 2.45metresH= 2.6metresThe wagon is modelled using the 3D wagon track system dynamicsmethodology, so that the impact of both the lateral and vertical forcesexperienced by the wagon during movement along the track are factored in.B.Side framewheelset
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