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Running Head: WASTE MANAGEMENT1Hazardous Waste ManagementStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationDate of Submission
WASTE MANAGEMENT2How did the Love Canal incident influence the way we deal with toxic waste in America?According to Kalasnik (2017), a dump with over 20,000 tons of leaking toxic chemicalshappened to have been buried underneath a school found in Niagara Falls, New York. Therewere a lot of health concerns that arose from the same. Some of these health concerns were:i)Cases of cancerii)Miscarriage casesiii)Rare infectionsiv)Birth defects.This was the first human-made disaster ever to be considered to cause a state of emergency in theUS. The situation then became a lesson to the state concerning the impact of pollution to thesociety. It is due to such effects that the Love Canal issue got a lot of attention from the media. Itwas also a turning point for the world’s history regarding environmental justice (Kalasnik, 2017).Love Canal is an important lesson on the detrimental effects of environmental calamities andinjustices. With regards to the incident, Global Environmental Protection Agencies have beendeveloped. Such agencies have promoted environmental activism in the grassroots(GALARNEAU, 2017). The agencies, particularly in America, ensure that communities that aremarginalized, contaminated, and disempowered are strengthened and movements initiated withproper leadership to reduce the level of toxicity in such areas (Kalasnik, 2017)Do you think that the area around Love Canal should have been inhabited after thecleanup? Would you move into such an area? Why, or why not?
WASTE MANAGEMENT3The process of cleaning up the area alone tool about twenty-one years to complete. The exercisealso cost about $400 million. However, even after the clean up, the Environmental ProtectionAgency still declared the place unfit for re-settlement (Depalma, 2017). Having the area takenoff the list of places that are environmentally disastrous proves to be a tough nut to crack for theagency. The situation caused trauma to lots of individuals who were directly or indirectlyaffected by the same. However, with a lot of mental therapy, there is a chance that the peopleonce again inhabit the place will feel the vibrancy of the area and feel happy being in theneighborhood they once lived in (Depalma, 2017).Regarding whether I would reside in that area or not depends on the cleanup process has beencertified to be well done and that every source of pollution managed. In this case, the industrialchemicals have been cleaned up and the whole area lined with materials that are impermeable aswell as clay capped. I would therefore move to the area.What does the Blake family’s story indicate about the effectiveness of our hazardous wasteregulations?The renowned Patrick and Jennifer Blake planted a lot of flowers in their garden in HickoryWoods neighborhood (Morales, 2017). Their dream was however, to fill their large house withchildren. It was not until they began holes digging that they noticed some shiny clumps and jet-black ash fill their yard. Later, after the birth of their son, he began suffering from sluggishdevelopment. Currently being eight years old, the child cannot speak and also not able to see.From the same, there are homes as well as schools that have been erected around the area thatonce had waste chemicals. However, there have been health problems resulting into severalresidents wishing to leave. However, they couldn’t be able to sell their apartment. The wholeincident changes the way citizens viewed toxic waste thus leading to the formulation of policies
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