We Have Always Lived in the Castle

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Surname1NameCourseTutorDateLap EnglishThe story contains a brief story about Mary Katherine, known as Merricat who lives withher sister Constance in a family state and also with her uncle Julian, and she protects the sisterfrom the villagers' hostility who accuses her with murder and they stay alienated until whenCharles came but Merricat sensed danger (Worley 10). The black story emerges when theBlackwood family succumbed to arsenic poisoning during dinner and Constance was associatedwith the murder.Thesis statement: Death can be seen as an impending doom along with the sense of foreboding asseen in the book we have always lived in the castle.Topic sentences: The entire village can be seen as a style, a time, and a piece as the villagersseemed to rely and feed on the ugliness in it since anything good that was planned lost its gloryfast hence the black woods was the only appropriate origin of the villagers. Merricat’s familywas isolated from the black wood villagers and Merricat and Constance they were afraid ofassociating with other children due to the impending doom which had occurred (Sluis 6). Afterthe death of Merricat’s family, Charles Merricat’s cousin as the only family heir intended tosucceed the family fortune and mansion which caused merricat to use her magic to cause a fire in
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