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First National Bank - User Registration, Login, Account Management and Transactions

Added on -2019-09-22

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to register, login, manage accounts and perform transactions on First National Bank's website. It also includes information on the database schema used for storing user information and transaction details.
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We have implemented the following requirements:1.RegisterUser will visit website and register to First National Bank. User would be providingdetails like Name, address, contact number, date of birth and password. After user hasbeen registered successfully, user would be given USER ID which would be used tologin.
2.LoginUser will visit website to login using the USER ID given and password entered by user.After the user submit the details, password is checked again the hashed passwordusing the third party PASSWORDHASH ( If thedetails are wrong, error message is shown otherwise user is shown their homepage.3. Home PageAfter successful login, user will see their homepage where they can Add Account, Payto another account, change password and check their account Transaction.
4. Log-out PageAfter user clicks on log out, all sessions are destroyed and user is shown login page.5. Add AccountInitially, user has no account. Now user can open new account by confirming thepassword and starting balance in the account. We have asked password again toincrease the security. In case password entered is wrong, error message is shown.

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