Wearable Technology Assignment

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Wearable technology has been touted as one of the most important applications of the Internet ofThings, and with good reason. The wearable electronic displayed by the consumers transformsthe ways of the lives. The smart watches and devices like Fitbit have allowed the people to tracktheir exercise and the health progress in the manner not possible before. These smart watches areseen to have brought about the power of smartphones into the wrist of the wearer. The massadoption of the smart watches helps in creating opportunities for social innovation.1.Replace charity wristbandsSince 2004, the charity awareness wristbands were seen to explode in the popularity and around800 million of these were sold by Livestrong along. These charity awareness wristbands are nowmore popular as compared to the charity pin badges. The retailer cuts, production costs and theshipping expenses meant that the charities are benefitting very little in terms of the finance fromtheir sales. However they are seen to have an awareness raising effect and are even termed as thegateway donation where the people on the charity books are seen to be highly exposed to thevaluable calls for acting. With the help of smart watches, the awareness can be raised for onesfavourite charity using the branded watch face on the wrist. This will help in delivering morefunds to the charity. (HAWORTH, M., 2015).2.Healthy societyThe smart watches are potential for the people who want to track their fitness and health and arehelpful in maintaining a society with high health. These smart watches are help in keeping aclose check on the health and provides a personalized health and fitness information. This hasbeen highly revolutionary in the health industry and also has been allowing the individuals to behighly aware of their health and their personal selves. In the near future, the smart watches wouldalso been able determine the period when the person would be highly prone to being sick.
3.Controlled livesThe usage of these devices are helpful in boosting the creativity as well as the personal efficiencyfor the individuals along with helping them to stay in constant touch with their friends andfamily. These electronic devices are seen to be designed for fashion as well as functions and helpin generating the data which can easily be stored as well as analysed in the cloud. This storeddata can easily be stored as well as analysed in the cloud. These insights can easily bedownloaded from the clouds and stored at any point of time enabling them to manage all theircareer ambitions, fitness goals, personal relationships and finances. Therefore, these wearabledevices and smart watches have made the societies highly self-confident, intelligent and incontrol with their lives.4.Fighting crimeThere are wearable camera which are able to snap the photograph after every thirty seconds andtake photos without someone holding up or aiming a camera for alerting others present nearby tothe fact that the image has been captured. Therefore, these smart watches and wearable can act asthe perfect alibi. The user can provide the police with the Google Latitude location record as oneof the legitimate proof of the location. These smart watches can also help in geotagging,timestamped point-of-view photos and videos. Therefore, the smart watches or wearable wouldnot only vibrate the social issue and raise awareness regarding the issue but it can also help inprompting people to act. (Bryant, M. (2013).This will be a creative and innovative step towardsfighting the crime and reporting it to police as soon as possible. Therefore, this aspect of thesmart wearable is highly beneficial for the society.5.Saving the lives of the vulnerable
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