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WEB APPSoftwareWork
1.IntroductionThe aim of the proposed project is mainly to develop an application for the Android mobileplatform. The application will track the exact place for portable devices and purposes toencourage the social integration and distribution of those routes within the community inAndroid studio. The implementation will be done in android studio and the tracking location ofthe source, destination will be shown accordingly. the map will be generated in android studoio.this will maps the location to the users and handles the map display and it responses to the mapgestures. Additionaly it will display the distance and time of source and the destination given bythe user.2.Android studioa.Android studio is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for google androidOS.b.It is a Gradle build support and android specific refactoring and fast links.c.Android studio contains the lint tool to catch presentation performance, usability andversion type compatibility.d.AVD (Android Virtual Device) or emulator to debug and run the applications inandroid studio.Android studio supports the number of languages. It is an easy to use and freedevelopment environments. Android Studio offers the fastest and wildest tools for constructingapplications on each and every kind of Android device. The process for creating new applicationin android studio is given below:1. Click file menu then choose the new project2. Type the application name and click the next button.3. Select the phone and tablet option and click the next button. Then, new application is createdin android studio (Smyth, n.d.).1
3.Map services for navigationUsage of android studio map services for navigationThe mobile application called Google map navigation which is developed by Google. It isdeveloped for iOS operating systems and android. It was integrated into mobile app calledGoogle map. The mobile application utilize internet connection to global positioning systemnavigation system. Turn-by-turn voice directed instruction is provided by Google maps (Zapata,2016). It gives the instruction to arrive destination. It needs internet connection. It usually usesglobal positioning system satellite connection. It is to determine the location. If the user enter thedestination in Google map mobile application, it plots a path to the destination from sourceaddress. The mobile application shows progress of users along with issues and route instructionsfor every turn (Baloni, 2016).Guide to add a map to the android applicationTo build the application with android API Google map, android studio is suggested.1)Downloading android studioTo install and download the android studio, guides should be followed.2)Installation of SDK Google play serviceAdding Google play services to the android studio is the second step.3)Creating Google mapFor creating new application projectFor creating new application project which includes map task, the following steps should follow.1.Begin android studio2.Creating new project3.Entering application name, location, etc. and click to the next.4.For the application, choose form factor. Or just choose phone & tablet and click to next.5.In the activity add to mobile dialog, choose goggle map activity and click to next.6.Entering name of the activity, title and layout name as prompted. And click to finish.2
4.Data flow and Location servicesThe Google Map provides an awareness in location through the Android application. Thisillustrates the location of the user by using the Service API that is available in the googlelocation services. The details of the location is been abstracted from the location providers. Thelocation providers are of three types. They areNetwork provider-Combination of cellular data and WiFiPassive Providers- This is an optional that is provided by the other application or services.GPS Providers-This gives the most accurate location which is a combination of aGPS andGPS.For the dataflow in the Google Maps a pipeline is been represented. It consist of a set ofoperation so that a source of input data can be read (DiMarzio, n.d.). With the help of the Googlemaps the event can also be viewed on the map. For the location tracking in the Google maps thedeparture and the arrival location can be drag and dropped. A most complete and authoritativedata is been used for the location tracking this is done with the map partner called base mappartner program. The base map partner program contains all the details related to the geographyand the maps. A vector data is been added to the Google's base map for updating the locationsinformation.5.Google Maps with Android Application Program InterfaceThe Google Maps with Android Application Program Interface, we can enhance maps toour application. The application is based on the Google Maps statistics. The ApplicationProgram Interface automatically switch to access the Google Map servers, map showinformation, downloading, and touch gesticulations on the maps. We can also utilize theApplication Program Interface calls to enhance markers, overlays and polygons, and totransforms the user's vision of a specific map area (Developer.android.com, 2017).The important discussion in the Google Maps Android studio Application ProgramInterface is Map View. A Map View shows the map with information found from the GoogleMaps facility. When a Map View have focus, then it will imprisonment touch gestures and keypresses to pan and increase view point of the maps automatically, with handling system requests3
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