Web Application Testing Checklist


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Web Application Testing Checklist
1.1.1 Check that the link takes you to the page it said it would.
1.1.2 Check all of your links
1.1.3 If we have removed some of the pages from our own site, set up a custom 404 page that redirects
your visitors to your home page (or a search page) when the user try to access a page that no longer exists.
1.2.1 Acceptance of invalid input
1.2.2 Optional versus mandatory fields
1.2.3 Input longer than field allows
1.2.4 Radio buttons
1.2.5 Default values on page load/reload(Also terms and conditions should be disabled)
1.2.6 Is Command Button can be used for HyperLinks and Continue Links?
1.2.6 Is all the data inside combo/list box are arranged in chronological order?
1.2.7 Are all of the parts of a table or form present? Correctly laid out? Can you confirm that selected texts
are in the "right place?
1.2.8 Does a scrollbar appear if required?
2.3.1 Assure that lowest and highest values are handled correctly.
2.3.2 Assure that numeric fields with a blank in position 1 are processed or reported as an error.
2.3.3 Assure that fields with a blank in the last position are processed or reported as an error an error.
2.3.4 Assure that both + and - values are correctly processed.
2.3.7 Assure that upper and lower values in ranges are handled correctly. (Using BVA)
2.4.1 Use blank and non-blank data.
2.4.2 Include lowest and highest values.
2.4.3 Include invalid characters & symbols.
2.4.4 Include valid characters.
2.4.5 Include data items with first position blank.
2.4.6 Include data items with last position blank.
3.1.1 Is the HTML version being used compatible with appropriate browser versions?
3.1.2 Do images display correctly with browsers under test?
3.1.3 Verify the fonts are usable on any of the browsers
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Web Application Testing Checklist

Web Application Testing Checklist