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Assignment of HTTP Protocol

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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WebF1: Peer ReviewWebsite Marking Guide 2016-2017This document should help you become familiar with the peer marking you’ll be doing as partof WebF1. Herein you’ll see several statements indicating, from low to high, how well thesite meets the requirements. In the peer assessment shou’ll need to choose the statementthat best matches the site being assessed (it may not be an exact match - it is a guide). Youcan also use this guide to help you focus on how to improve your site prior to the review.BasicsDoes the site work over HTTP?Are all the HTML pages delivered using HTML5?Does every HTML page contain a validation link?Test the validity of three non-trivial HTML pages (e.g. literature review, discovery logand home page).Separation of Form & ContentInline FormattingProcedural and Deprecated ElementsbrfontcenterSemantic StructureStylesheetsSelectorsIDClassElementChild / PseudoOther Stylesheet-Related IssuesHas the content been significantly restyled?Is the site Responsive/Adaptive to different screen sizes (i.e. what happenswhen the browser tools are used to simulate its use on a 320 pixel-widescreen)?NavigationAccessibilityMultimediaIncorporating multimedia in the website.discovery log
BasicsWill the site work over HTTP?The site cannot run successfully over the HTTP protocol.The site comprises disconnected HTML pages that can be retrieved over the HTTPprotocol. It may be necessary to hunt to find the home page.The will run successfully over the HTTP protocol.Are all the HTML pages delivered using HTML5?No. No pages use doctype to specify the content format or version.At least one HTML page has no doctype or a doctype other than HTML5.All pages are HTML5, as evidenced by <!doctype html> as the opening line for everyHTML page.Does every HTML page contain a validation link?There are no validation links.There are validation links on some HTML pages, but they do not automaticallyvalidate the referring page.There are validation links on some HTML pages, these links automatically validatethe referring page.There are validation links on all HTML pages which automatically validate thereferring page.Test the validity ofthreenon-trivial HTML pages (e.g. theliterature review and discovery log should be non-trivial).None of the tested pages validate.Only one page validates without errors (warnings are ok).Two pages validate without errors (warnings are ok).All three tested pages validate without errors (warnings are ok).
Separation of Form & ContentInline FormattingContent formatting should be achieved by using descriptive markup combined with CSS.Has the student avoided inline formatting (i.e. the style attribute and procedural markup) andinstead described the meaning of the content using semantic tags and classes and thenformatted these using CSS?The style attribute has been used for formatting.The style attribute is not used.Procedural and Deprecated ElementsSeveral tags that were common in previous versions of HTML are now deprecated orconsidered bad form. Check for them:br<br> is used for a line break without arguable reason.<br> not used, or used sensibly (for example, in a poem).font<font> used to change page fonts.<font> not<center> used to position text, images, or anything else.<center> not used.Semantic StructureAre semantic document-structuring elements appropriately?There is little or no evidence of semantic markup (e.g. site includes heavy use ofprocedural markup such as using <table>, <br> or empty elements such as <p></p>to affect layout).There is some use of descriptive markup but the site remains mostly reliant on non-semantic tags for structuring content and navigation sections (e.g. using <div> withclasses where better elements are available).Good use of semantic markup throughout. Use of the <div> element is only madewhere there are no appropriate semantic tags (e.g. <article>, <section>, <nav>,<header>, <footer>, <aside>, <main>, <figure>).StylesheetsDoes the site use an external stylesheet as opposed to a <style> element in the <head> ofthe html file?
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