Database Design and Conceptual Schemas


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Week 11.Can we have different conceptual schema design for the same application?2.How database design process differs from a system design process?3.What are the lessons learned when you created your first ER-diagram?4.Is ER-Model helpful in providing all the required information about theapplication for which this conceptual schema has been designed?Week 21.How helpful are the SEVEN steps provided to you for mapping ER-Schemato a Relational schema?2.Is there a situation that is not covered by the SEVEN steps provided to youfor mapping ER-Schema to a Relational schema?3.What issues you see if you have to design Relational schema without ER-Schema?Week 31.How constraints can be enforced in SQL while implementing a given schema?2.Is it fine to use too many JOIN operations in a query?3.What issues you see if you have to design Relational schema without ER-Schema?4.How can we reduce the amount of space used by query execution?Week 41.Show an example data set organized in two different ways illustrating thedifference between the application-oriented and subject-orientedorganization of data?2.Why do some organizations prefer not to create a data warehouse? What areother options?
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