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The Incompatibility between Slavery and Education: An Annotated Bibliography

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This annotated bibliography explores the incompatibility between slavery and education through two sources: a research paper by Bertocchi and an autobiography by Douglass. Bertocchi's paper discusses the negative relationship between slavery and educational outcomes, while Douglass's autobiography describes his own struggles to gain an education as a slave. Both sources demonstrate that the compatibility between slavery and education is poor.
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Week 3 Annotations 1Week 3: Annotated BibliographyStudent NameCourseProfessor McCarthyDateThesis- Like many others, the condition of African Americans was very bad in terms of slavery and education. They continuously fought for education because of slavery in which they were living. This shows that the issue of slavery and education had a great impact on ourhistory and it may still be persisting in many societies. Slavery was a pit in which people fell and they could not find a ladder to come out of it. Acquiring education was a constant battle for the slaves which were very unlike to other people for whom getting educated was no big deal because they were not the sufferers of slavery. People in the past have suffered from the serious problem of slavery, and the compatibility between Slavery and Education has been poor.
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