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Week 6 Allagui and Breslow reading

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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Running Head: Week 6WEEK 6[Document subtitle]
Week 61This week, we have discussed the information collected through the Allagui and Breslowreading. Both researchers conducted a research of "Social media for public relations: Lessonsfrom four effective cases" and provides relevant information regarding social media approaches(Allagui, 2016). On the basis of the Allagui and Breslow reading, it can be said that the effectiveuse of social media is necessary to determine the best practices for public relations. Theresearcher also said that an organization can effectively use the social media through adoptingdigital storytelling techniques. With the help of digital storytelling techniques, the organizationsare not able to use the social media effectively for public relation activities but also promotedifferent forms of content sharing that will involve and attract a large base of target customers.Apart from this, the researchers also said that the organizations can use the social mediaeffectively for brand awareness and reputation management (Allagui, 2016). By doing this, theorganizations can effectively utilize social media in public relations campaigns and can generateconversion to facilitate and maintain brand sustenance and positioning as well.I collected a lot of significant information through reading the findings of both Allagui andBreslow. At first, the paper provides me the knowledge of the use of social media for publicpractices purpose. In future, the social media helps me to generate conversion and facilitatebrand positioning or reputation management effectively (Allagui, 2016). Apart from this, I alsobelieve that the effective use of social media helps me to create content with additional creativityso that target members and the audience can attract accordingly. So, it can be said that theinformation learned through Allagui and Breslow findings will help me a lot in generatingpositive outcomes for practices of public relations.The research paper disclosed the cases of a different social media campaigns. After reading eachsocial media campaign, I have identified that PR campaign cycle is using the same approach as
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