What value chain segments has KaiserPermanente chosen to enter and perform internally

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week 6 questions:ASSURANCE OF LEARNING EXERCISES 1. Live Nation operates music venues, provides management services to music artists, and promotes more than 22,000 live music events annually. The company merged with Ticketmaster and acquired concert and festival promoters in the United States, Australia, and Great Britain. How has the company used horizontal mergers and acquisitions to strengthen its competitive position? Are these moves primarily offensive or defensive? Has either Live Nation or Ticketmaster achieved any type of advantage based on the timing of its strategic moves? LO 1, LO 2, LO 3 tho20598_ch06_144-173.indd 171 8/28/14 10:58 PM Final PDF to printer 172 2. Kaiser Permanente, a standout among managed health care systems, has become a model of how to deliver good health care cost-effectively. Illustration Capsule 6.4 describes how Kaiser Permanente has made vertical integration a central part of its strategy. What value chain segments has Kaiser Permanente chosen to enter and perform internally? How has vertical integration aided the organizationin building competitive advantage? Has vertical integration strengthened its market position? Explain why or why not. 3. Perform an Internet search to identify at least two companies in different industries that have enteredinto outsourcing agreements with firms with specialized services. In addition, describe what value chain activities the companies have chosen to outsource. Do any of these outsourcing agreements seem likely to threaten any of the companies’ competitive capabilities? 4. Using your university library’s subscription to LexisNexis, EBSCO, or a similar database, find two examples of how companies have relied on strategic alliances or joint ventures to substitute for horizontal or vertical integration.

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