Westpac Sustainability Report

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Westpac Sustainability report or BrisbaneCity Council Sustainability indicators1
TASK 1The sustainability assessment report provides a picture of Australia. It reflects thechanges that have taken place in the nation over the last 30 years. It has been assessed from thesustainability report that there is greater progress in several areas. It has been determined thatAustralians are living longer, their health and level of education has also enhanced to a greaterextent (Farneti and Guthrie, 2009). This has been determined by the means of sustainabilityreport. The country has attained advantages as a reason of stronger economy that has lowunemployment and increasing incomes. However the report reflects that there is increase ininequality and health of natural environment has also declined in various areas. From the assessment of sustainability report it has been determined that plan has to bemade in relation with ageing population, increasing in health costs, growing cities and alterationsin the traditional work and role of families (National sustainability council,2013). Thesustainability report presents that the decision that are being made today would makedetermination that whether or children and grandchildren are able to live lives that are good asone which is today. This has been gained that Australia's comparative performance is lower onthe basis of some measures that is comprised of stronger emphasis on the values of naturalcapital. It has been assessed that Australia has transformed from the dominantly Anglo-Celticsociety at the end of the World war II to one of the world's nation that has attribute ofmulticultural (Borga, Citterio, Noci and Pizzurno, 2009). By assessing the sustainability reportthis has been gained that Australia is regarded as country of permanent settlement immigrationbut there is presence of significant emigration. The one who are emigrating from Australia halfof the immigrants are returning to their nation of origin or moving to the third country and alsohalf are Australian born residents departing. There is among 750000 and one million Australianswho are residing in the foreign countries. Since the mid of 1990s temporary migration has enhanced in significance with temporarybusiness skilled migration, working holiday makers as well as students being the major groups oftemporary migrants. The sustainability report presents that as there is changes in the Australia'sdemographics there is greater budgetary pressure that occurs on the age pension, health costs aswell as aged care facilities. It is significant to develop plan regarding the ageing population sothat they are able to live happily (Ballou, Heitger, Landes and Adams, 2006.). The health costs of2

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