What is a Rhetorical Analysis?.

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What isa Rhetorical Analysis?Rhetorical Analysis can be defined as a process of evaluating as well as describing the words thathow they influence the individuals. It explains how the author, text, as well as the reader,interact with each other. In order to analyze the text rhetorically, the individual needs toincorporate the use of principles ofRhetorical Analysisas they help in exploring the argumentin the text. The text which is rhetorically analyzed doesn't need to be in written form, it could bea visual work, a picture, or a speech. The main purpose ofRhetorical Analysisis to discuss howthe argument has been made. It also helps in exploring analysing whether the approach used inorder to make the argument is effective or not. But sometimes people think that the purpose ofrhetorical analysis is to critic or support the argument which is presented in the text. Thepersuasive technique is used inRhetorical Analysis. The author uses the persuasive technique inorder to analyze the text in detail as well as present his point of view. The author of the rhetoricalanalysis should ensure that the developed analysis is informative to the reader. If the developedanalysis is not informative to the reader, the rhetorical analysis will not be an effective analysis.It is also necessary that the author should be able to identify the situation which has beendescribed in the text at the end of theRhetorical Paper. The overall extent of the paper shouldbe analyzed by the author in order to determine whether the text is meeting the original goals ofthe author. There are three main concepts around whichRhetorical Analysisrevolves such asthe description of the content in the text, analysis of the content, as well as evaluation of thecontent.Writing aRhetorical EssayIt is a tough task to write a rhetorical essay as it requires preparation forWriting a RhetoricalAnalysis Essay. The main goal of writing a rhetorical essay is analyzing a complex text as well
as coming up with text which is easy as well as comprehensive for the reader to understand. It isnecessary to use critical thinking skills while writing a rhetorical paper in order to examine theelements of the text which are being analyzed. The focus of writing should be based on how thewriter has written the text by exploring the content of the work. It is necessary to know about theelements of a rhetorical situation in order to write aGood Rhetorical Analysis Essay. It is alsoimportant to know how the elements of the rhetorical situation relate to one another. There arethree main elements of rhetorical situation such as Ethos, Pathos, as well as Logos. Theseelements influence one another in the text. Thus, it is significant to know how these elementswork.Ethos is defined as the credibility of the writer or the author. Ethos is analyzed by analyzing themoral character of the author. It can also be analyzed by looking at the format which has beenused in writing the text. On the other hand, Pathos can be defined as the emotional feeling whichis evoked by the text in the audience. It helps in analyzing the feeling that the author has and thefeeling that the author the reader or the audience to experience. Apart from these two, Logoshelps in analyzing how the author persuades the audience about the message of his or her text.How towrite a good Rhetorical Essay?There are certain things which should be kept in mind whilewriting the rhetorical paperinorder to make the paper effective. There is a set of tips which should be followed by the writer towrite an effective essay.Prewriting
The author should start writing the essay by drafting a draft of the paper. The main points of thepaper or highlights of the paper should be noted down which can be used as a guide whilewriting the paper. The author should develop a structure to analyze the content of the text.Create an outlineCreating an outline helps in writing the paper in consistent way as well as smooth flow.Therefore, before writing the paper, the author should develop an outline. It will help inorganizing the ideas and hence the author will not drift away from the main idea of the paper.Gather informationA good paper is indeed based on good research as well as good writing skills. So, it is importantto identify a suitable writing style before starting to write the paper. The writing style should bemaintained throughout the paper. Apart from this, the author should also identify the audience aswell as examine the rhetorical appeal so that the author can address them effectively.Develop a thesis statementA thesis statement is considered as the backbone of the analysis. It helps in providing theinformation to the audiences what to expect in the paper. The thesis statement provides a solidbase to the discussion and hence the author should focus on the thesis statement.Write the IntroductionThe writer should start writing the introduction of the paper by dividing the analysis into cases.The writer should stat the text he or she is analyzing. Background information should also beprovided to the audience. But the information provided in the introduction section should be
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