What is the function of cloud architecture?.

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What is the function of cloud architecture?IntroductionCloud architecture is one of the significant concepts which are gaining importance in thebusiness world significantly. Therefore, it is very important to understand the concept of cloudarchitecture in order to be in the business world and function effectively and efficiently. Cloudarchitecture is the result of advancement in technology and advanced technology has changed theway of doing business. Every firm is adopting advanced technology which provides acompetitive edge to the organization. Thus, it has become necessary for the business to adoptadvanced technology to achieve competitive advantage.Cloud computing architecture is referred to various components in terms of software capabilities,databases, applications, and so on which are engineered in order to leverage the effectiveness aswell as the power of the resources of cloud to solve of the problems of business. It is used todefine the relationship between the cloud resources along with the components of them. Themain aim of cloud computing architecture is to provide high bandwidth to the user. It also allowsusers to have access to applications as well as data without any interruption. It also providesaccess to the on-demand agile network to move efficiently as well as quickly between theservers, clouds, as well as network security. There are several components of cloud computingarchitecture such as cloud resources, middleware, on-premise resources, and softwarecomponents and services. But, cloud computing architecture can be broadly divided into twoparts such as;Front endBack end
Both parts are connected through a network which is usually called the internet. The front end ofthe cloud computing architecture is considered as client part of the system. The front end consistsof applications as well as interfaces which are needed to access the cloud computing platformssuch as a web browser. On the other hand, the back end is referred to as the cloud itself. Itincludes all the resources which are required to provide cloud computing services.Benefits of cloud computing architectureCloud computing architecture is widely being used in the businesses as it helps the businesses inseveral ways. There are several benefits of cloud computing architecture to the businesses. Someof the benefits to businesses have been discussed below.Cost saving: It is considered that adopting cloud computing in business is highly costly. Theinitial cost of implementing the cloud-based server is high. But, there are several other factorswhich should be considered while thinking about the cost of implementing cloud-based serversuch as ROI. The organization can save time as well as money if it is on the cloud because itprovides easy access to data of the organization.Security: Security is the main concern of any business because as technology is developingcyber threats are increasing. Therefore, there is a need to ensure the security of the data. Cloudcomputing architecture provides security to business data. Apart from this, the full-time job of acloud host is to monitor the security carefully which is highly efficient than a conventional in-house system.Flexibility: cloud computing architecture provides business more flexibility than hosting on alocal server. On a local server, a business cannot fulfill the need or demand of extra bandwidth
but cloud-based services can fulfill the need for extra bandwidth instantly rather than updatingthe whole IT infrastructure.Mobility: with the help of cloud computing architecture, a business can easily gain mobileaccess to the organizational data through devices like smartphones.Cloud computing architecture also helps businesses in gaining insight into the business problem.With the help of cloud computing architecture, the organization can also increase collaborationamong various departments of the organization. It helps in controlling the quality. Disasterrecovery is also one of the significant benefits of cloud computing.Disadvantages of cloud computing architectureEvery technology has negative as well as the positive impact on the business. Therefore, it isimportant to analyze the positive as well as the negative impact of technology on the business sothat the positive impact of the technology can be increased and the negative impact can bereduced or eliminated. Cloud computing architecture has also some negative impacts on businesswhich have been discussed below;Vulnerability to attacks: One of the biggest challenges of cloud computing architecture is thevulnerability to attacks. So, collecting and storing data in the cloud may have a serious issue ofdata theft because each data of the company is online. This is one of the potential risks of cloudcomputing although security measures are created to protect the data.Dependency on network connectivity: Cloud computing architecture is totally dependent onthe internet and thus it is very important to have regular internet services in order to function
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