What was Joseph McCarthy Afraid of?.

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What was Joseph McCarthy Afraid of?Part 1: From Wisconsin to the U.S. SenateUse information from Site 1 and Site 2 to answer the following questions:1.What evidence from Joseph McCarthy's early career as a judge and militaryofficer might cause concern about his later accusations of communist infiltration ofthe U.S. government?McCarthy carried with him a strong nationalistic approach in his career first as a judgeand then as a military man. Attacks on the part of McCarthy started to emerge within thecompliance of political and social environment. Being a judge McCarthy was referred tobe fair and hard working. Side by side he faced sharp disapproval by the SupremeCourt of Wisconsin in relation to abuse of Judicial Authority. Briefly after the beginningof the world war II, in July 1942, McCarthy was positioned as first lieutenant in themarines and he have to take leave from his judicial office. He was stationed in thepacific, as an intelligence officer he used to participate in combat actions, but he neverget hurt while in action, when he recalled later.So it was partly fabrication of truth thatalso reflected later in his accusation that communists have infiltrated the government ofUS.2. What was McCarthy's career in the Senate like before he began his politicalattacks on suspected communists?McCarthy’s early years in senate were quite unremarkable to say the least, though hewas a powerful speaker and spoke on an array of topics. He was not liked by his fellowsenators who found him impatient, ill-tempered. He was active on labor front in post warperiod. But he became famous for lobbying against the death sentence awarded to agroup of Waffen-SS soldiers for 1944 Malmedy massacre. He even accused US army ofjudicial cover up without presenting any evidence.3. What added credibility to McCarthy's charges that there were communist spies inthe federal government?In his speech on February 9, 1950 McCarthy alleged that a list was made known to thethen Secretary of State. They were the names of people who were members of theCommunist party and were working in the State Department. He referred to a letterwritten by the Secretary in 1946 that said State Department Security investigationsresulted in recommendation against 284 persons and 79 of these have been removedfrom their jobs. By the time McCarthy gave his speech, in fact, only 65 of them were stillwith the department and they too had gone further security checks.
What was Joseph McCarthy Afraid of?Part 2: McCarthy's SpeechUse information from Site 3 to answer the following questions:1.According to Joseph McCarthy, why were Americans still threatened after thevictory in World War II?Post World War II, the labor movement was still quite strong in the United States andthe Communist Party was pretty active. In the United States of America, communismwas an important concern. The concern grew as Soviet Union expanded its influence inEastern Europe. Simultaneously, in civil war of china communist party turn out bevictorious. The then Soviet Union had developed nuclear weapon and it was considereda major threat to the United States. McCarthy used these events to drive home the pointthat America was under threat of Communism.2.What evidence did McCarthy provide to argue that communism is a growingforce around the world?The critics of McCarthy points out that he scarcely presented any evidence to thateffect. He extrapolated the events that were shaping up post World War II andpainted them as growing influence of Communism across the world. He wasdeeply frightened by establishment of communist rule in Eastern Europe after theWarsaw Pact. McCarthy have this fear that Soviet Union intends to unfurlcommunism across the world. He used to saw peril at all the places even whenthere is nothing to worry about, and seriously believed that USA is full ofcommunist spies and soviet supporters, who were secretly planning to destabilizethe government of US.3.What were some examples of McCarthy's use of dramatic language?McCarthy was known for his powerful and dramatic speeches. One of the mostdramatic one was his Lincoln day speech in West Virginia in 1950, where heproduced a piece of paper and claimed it detained a list containing names of well-known Communists workers working for the state. He said that, the statedepartment is full of communists and he have the list of total 205 names. This listconsists of names that were made familiar to the Secretary of the state, who were
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