(PDF) When Marketing Strategy Meets Culture: The Role of Culture

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When marketing strategymeets culture: the role ofculture in product evaluations
SummaryOn the basis of the assessment of the evaluation this can be carried out within the local aswell as international market will be deeply influenced by the cultural factors. This will help inproper assessment of the operations and thus will lead the organisation to have a high level offunctionality and meeting functional needs of the organisation in the best possible manner.Asper the Hofstede cultural dimension, it will help in placing cultural content of the organisation inthe best possible manner. The marketing approaches like advertising will help in carrying out thesuitable insight of the operations and thus will lead the organisation to set proper advertisementstrategy within the organisation. Besides this, it also contributes to design an effective productwithin and organisation, operating in international market.It also helps in carrying out then product evaluation measures which will help in properassessment of the operations and thus, will lead the organisation to improve the quality ofproduct and the value for money it provides (When marketing strategy meets culture: the role ofculture in product evaluations, 2019). Both, organisation and the buyer will look after the propermanagement of promotional measures which is been carried out by an organisation. Thedevelopment of a suitable framework supports development of a market culture which lead thecustomers to develop a proper product or service evaluation measures that will lead theorganisation to execute the marketing operations in most suitable and effective way.1
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