Whitehouse v Carlton Hotel Pty Ltd [1987] 162 CLR 285

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WHITEHOUSE V CARLTONHOTEL PTY LTD [1987] 162CLR 285(Group Details: )
INTRODUCTIONThe Corporations Act, 2001 (Cth) is the currentlegislation which is applicable on the operations andworking of the corporations, or as they are otherwisereferred to as in the other jurisdictions as companies.One of the key aspects of this legislation isimposition of director duties.Whitehouse v Carlton Hotel Pty Ltd[1987] 162 CLR285: Even though this case is more than ten yearsold, it continues to be a landmark ruling in thepresent time.
WHITEHOUSE V CARLTON HOTEL PTY LTDMr. Charles Whitehouse: Class A ShareholderVoting powerMrs. Whitehouse: Class B ShareholderPartial voting powerChildren of Mr. Whitehouse and Mrs. Whitehouse: ClassB ShareholderNo voting powerMr. Whitehouse and Mrs. Whitehouse legally separated.Mr. Whitehouse started to think that if he died at thattime, Mrs. Whitehouse would get the control of thecompany.
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