Windows Network Services Proposal.

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Windows Network Services ProposalCMIT 371
International Marketing Inc. (IMI) is a brand new company that is coming up it look to beleading the way in advancing advertisement for business. They have create a dual threat location, with the main operation area being in Houston, Texas and the second location, which will be located at Richmond, Virginia. Well though the location are generally separate from each other, they are able to function well with a single system. If IMI has the ability to challengeto become more aggressive advertising market, also they will need to collect more technologically in order to be competitive with the other companies. With the ability to manage finances, and development & research, knowing customer accounts, and Information Technologyoperations is very important for IMI in order to challenge the competitive advertisement.ACTIVE DIRECTORY:The two location will be set up to connect and extent with the capability with a fully-functional two-way trust implemented between from each affected area domains. It will identify all users, also groups, computer accounts will make them visible also usable from each domain controllers in both location Houston and Richmond because of the replication that might occurs.But the only domain structure will be created and be supported the different functional departments with specific requirements. But with the result of envisaged active directory structure for the companies.
With Read-Only Domain Controllers you can utilize as part of the plan process and integration so there are connection with restructure reorganization of each departments including employees they will have IT personnel working in both locations but it can render the functionality.FILE & STORAGE SOLUTIONS:Storage solutions goes through file servers and using network shares that features both environments from 2008 and 2012 will now increase utilization of server content and resources then and configure BranchCache.Well BranchCache is known as wide area network (WAN) bandwidth optimization technology that features Windows Server 2008 and 2012 R2 installations. The WAN bandwidth has user’s access content on remote servers, also BranchCache copies content the main office or cloud content servers the caches content is locations is at branch office, having client computers at offices to be able to access the content locally then using the WAN.

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