How to Fix Windows Rollback Loop After Windows 10 Update


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2Windows Rollback LoopWindows Rollback Loop: What is Windows Rollback Loop?June 24th, 2019Windows Rollback LoopWindows rollback loop is an issue which takes place with Windows 10 start-up looperror. In this issue, the users are generally found to get stuck on a blue screen demanding Exitor Continue to the loop of Windows rollback or to choose the option of Troubleshoot. Theusers are asked to make a choice for language and keyboard layout during the loop. The usersmight undergo infinite attempts of rebooting or restarting their PC. It will redirect the users tothe screen of Windows 10 rollback loop. The problem has become highly popular afterWindows 10 April Update 1803 has been launched in the year of 2018. The users face theissue immediately after they make updates their PC and Systems get into the issue of rollbackLu the error is generally caused by missing system file error or corrupted file error oddesterror or corrupted Windows 10 boot parameters before the users give up and choose to rebootor reset or reinstall their Windows 10. They should follow certain solutions which could beable to fix the issue and assist the users in getting back to their Windows 10 without anyrollback or restoring. The users need to execute some particular commands with the aim ofscanning and repairing system files, boot parameters and disk errors, they need access toCommand Prompt. In order to have access, they are supposed to get into the recovery modeof the Windows 10. The recovery mode is also referred to as Windows RecoveryEnvironment. The users can get into the recovery mode of the Windows 10 by pressing F8 whilestarting their PC. If it does not work, then the users can try by pressing F11. If this does notwork then the users can hold and press the power button of their computer to switch off their
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3Windows Rollback Loopsystem. The computers need to be switched off and started up again. The users should againrepeat this to ensure another switch off. This procedure can be repeated for three times. Whenthe Windows 10 faces multiple failed start-ups, booting into the recovery mode of thewindows will get started automatically. Some of the steps should be followed which arehelpful in fixing the error of Windows rollback loop. It is very important for the users toremember that after they have followed the steps they should restart their computers. If theusers fail to restart manually, then they will get the message of “Access Denied” whileexecuting the commands. It is also very important for the users to enter the correct drive letterwhile they store their Windows 10. If the PC still remains stuck in the rollback loop of theWindows even after attempting possible fixes, the users can decide whether to restoreWindows 10 to an immediate previous date. They can follow this option if they have resetWindows 10 or have saved restore point.How do the users experience Windows Rollback Loop?The issue of Windows rollback loop is one of the common issues which the users arefound to face when they install and download some new updates on Windows. Afterinstalling the updates, there can be some of the issues with their software or some other filesfor which the users might want to rollback the updates which they have made. Rollback looptakes place in Windows after its update because of missing or broken system file or diskerrors. This can create some issues in running the previously installed software or games. Atthis stage, when the users try to rollback the updates they have made, they stuck on a screenwhere they face the problem of rollback loop. They do not find the best way to roll back theupdates and to get back to their previous version of Windows. This problem has been foundto be taking place quite commonly after the users have chosen Windows 10 Update 1803.Some of the users of complained that after they went into the process of Updates & Security
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4Windows Rollback Loopand have chosen the option of rolling back to a previous version, they faced the message “Donot turn off Computer”. After trying this, they did not find any solution and their systemfaced an infinite loop of rebooting. This takes place after they reach several attempts torestoring installation their previous backup versions. Sometimes, the users also try to fix theissue by unplugging all their USB devices from their computer but they did not get anyprobable solution to the issue.Windows Rollback Loop is one of the issues which have been observed to be takingplace after the users choose an updated version of Windows 10. This issue takes place withthe latest Windows 10 1803 version. This issue actually takes place by missing or brokensystem file error and disk error. There are certain steps which have been recommended byWindows to enable the users to combat the issue of rollback look and to help the users withthe best-suited solutions to the issue. There are certain quick fixes for repairing Windowsrollback loop which is offered by Windows 10/8.1/8. These quick fixes could be tried by theusers when they get stuck on a blue or black screen after the failure of Windows automaticrepair. The repair message which the users receive on their system screen in preparingautomatic repair sometimes options does not hold good in solving the issue. Automatic repairis one of the features which are designed to assist the users to fix their PC issues with relationto Windows. But it has been observed that the users do not get a suitable solution to the issueand they stuck in an initial start-up repair loop if they are using Windows 10/ 8.1/8 because ofsome of the reasons. There are some basic and relevant measures or solutions which couldaddress automatic repair loop, automatic repair loop Windows 10, automatic repair loop fix,automatic repair loop Windows 10 fix, automatic repair loop Windows 8, fix automatic repairloop Windows 10 HP, automatic repair loop win 10, automatic repair loop Windows 10preparing, Windows 10 automatic repair loop Windows 8, automatic repair loop fix, andWindows 8 automatic repair loop.
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