Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) & Wireless Markup Language (WML)

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WAP/WML Architecture vs J2ME ArchitectureThe Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) was created for the purpose of demonstrating net contents on wireless contents. The Wireless Markup Language (WML) is the scripting language used in the applications of WAP. The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) was created with the objective like a Java platform for cellular devices as well asembedded systems. Taking a closer look at both of these platforms can produce a better comprehension of each.WAP/WMLThe Wireless Application Protocol is used for demonstrating net contents on wireless contents, as earlier mentioned. To do this, WAP uses WML like the scripting language for programs transmitted over wireless contents, just like a mobile phone. WML is a language able of operating on tiny screen with a lower bandwidth transmission. The pages of WML are referred to as “decks” since the pages are created just like a pack of cards that are linked to each other by way of links. For instance, on a mobile phone whenever a WML page is accessed the cards in the page are received from a WAP server to the mobile phone showing the final content. The WML includes instructions as well as syntaxes used to show content and browse through the cards of WML. The instructions are used by designers to announce variables, show pictures, and format the text. The WAP is an open global standard comprising a WAP browser employed for little cellular devices, like the mobile phone. WAP provides interactive data services with interactivity to back up email, tabs on stock exchange, sports/recreational ratings, news headlines, and music downloading (Sing, 2005). WAP is regarded as mobile, simple to use, offer access to a wide range of services, customized services, speed, and ease.

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