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Wirral MusicStudioTask 3 Assignment:BSc ComputingLevel 4Computer TechnologyTutor:Dr. Adrian J PullinWords:1000
EssayIntroductionWe have our computer systems up and running. As with all things, computers too requiremaintenance, for both hardware and software. Our computers have the advantage of workingin a dust-free air-conditioned environment and that reduces the burden on hardware.Software MaintenanceWe begin with focusing on the operating system, Windows and then talk about the applicationsoftware, like Office, CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor etc.Update WindowsFrequency: One-time requiredWe will instruct our operating system to automatically download and install high-priorityupdates. Thus, we will keep getting better performance, security fixes as and when they arereleased, without any effort or intervention on our part.To enable auto-update, perform the following steps ("How To Disable Automatic Updates InWindows 10 Home"):1.Right-click 'This PC' icon on desktop2.Click 'Manage' from the popup menu3.From the window that opens, in the left-pane, near the bottom of list, click 'Services andApplications'4.From the dropdown list, click 'Services'5.The center pane will populate with list of services. It should be alphabetically sorted.Scroll down to 'Windows Update' option and click it.6.On the opening window, in the 'Startup' option, click the dropdown and select 'Auto'7.Click OK8.Close the Management application opened in step 2Update application softwareSome software like CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor, Firefox and Google Chrome will downloadupdates automatically and ask for your permission to install when they are ready. You areadvised to grant permission to install if a restart of the application or computer will not affectyour workflow.For Microsoft Office, we will enable automatic updates, by performing the following steps("Install Office Updates - Office Support"):
1.Open Microsoft Word2.Click File in the top-left corner3.Click Account from the list on left4.Under Product Updates, choose Update Options5.Click Enable Updates option if available6.If the Enable Updates option is not available, that means Microsoft Office is already setto automatically download updates as and when available.Software SecurityFrequency: already covered aboveWe are using Windows' default security software and they are activated by default and will beautomatically updated, as the setting has been confirmed above.Hardware MaintenanceIf software is the soul of a computer, then hardware is the body. Without a fit body, brain is oflittle use. We recommend the following to help prolong the life of our computer systems:For hard disk maintenance, Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragment is recommended (Student GuideFor Personal Computer Maintenance 9-10). We may do this once a month.Disk CleanupFrequency: once a monthSoftware, browsing Internet and using computer in general accumulates temporary files. Thesefiles have utility for a small period of time after which they are useless, and take up disk spacewith the result of slowing down computer. Thus we should delete them regularly.Perform the following steps ("Disk Cleanup In Windows 1"):1.Press Windows button on keyboard2.Type 'Disk Cleanup' and select it from list of results3.Under Files to delete, select all options. There is no risk. If some files are required,system will recreate them.4.Click OK to completeDisk DefragmentFrequency: automatic, no manual intervention requiredWriting/deleting files results in scattering of data across the disk, and slows system asread/write head has to move more. Defragmentation moves related data together, thusincreasing performance.
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