Witches and Their Practice of Witchcraft

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Running head: JOURNALISMJOURNALISMName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1JOURNALISMWitchcraft provides something to the modern witches, which the Church cannotThe feature story will focus on the plight of the modern witches, their practice ofwitchcraft and why they have turned away from the churches. According to a certain censuspolled in 2016,almost 15,222 Australian citizens have adopted paganism and have startedfollowing the pagan ways and beliefs. According to the Associate Professor of the University ofNewcastleMargueriteJohnson,the popularity of paganism rises and falls throughout centuries.The popularity of occult peaked during the New Age movement, which occurred in the 70s and80s and also during thebeginning of the 20thcentury.Marque Caban who also goes by the name Panther is a Psychic living in Sydney. He hadspent his childhood in various orphanages, foster homes it was a tough childhood for him. At avery early age, Caban realized that he was different from other children of his age othersshunned him calling him a weirdo, and he spent most of his time alone by himself. Caban fromhis very childhood could see colours andlightsaroundpeople;he could also see spirits and othersupernatural beings. At first, he used to think that everyone can see what he can but later herealized that it was a special gift only he had. He wanted to find an explanation for his uniqueability and this drove him towards religion, he wanted to become a priest but he faced certainabusive incidents, which made him to move way from Christianity. After he revealed that he washomosexual, he faced a lot of controversies as well. He said that he faced discrimination inseveral instances and also he was not accepted by the churches and religious society because ofhis sexual preferences and unique abilities,they called him an abomination. All these abuses anddiscriminations drove him away from churches and he adopted paganism, after that, thingschanged for him and became better slowly.
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