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(Solved) Women Art Madness - Essay

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Running head: NURSING REFLECTIONNursing reflectionName of StudentName of UniversityAuthor Note
Running head: NURSING REFLECTIONWomen Art MadnessThe essay of the book provided me with an insight about the feminism related to overcomingmental health and the interpretation of art through it. Mental illness van be overcome with theexpression of art, like in case of Bobby Baker who is a renowned performing artist in UK whocreates drawing related to feminism and overcoming the gender stereotypes. It has come to myobservation, over the years the society have developed a notion that the bad things happening toa woman is her fault. The author expressed after she recovered people kept asking her why dodyou get ill? Whose fault is it? As if, women have the control over the surrounding and accidentalinducements. Her pictures show the image of a woman expressing her agony under the pressureof the society. In every aspect of life, dedication, profession and domestic environment, thewomen as judged based on their gender and considered weak. What people fail to understand isthat the power of endurance, which is more prevalent in women than men. I value theseideologies and put my best foot forward to overcome gender bias and hindrances and providebest of the professional duty.Having it out with melancholyNurses have to deal with constant sorrow of the patients and keep their emotions in check andprovide better health outcomes. The poem helped me realize my duties better as nurse andalways rely on the ethical policies of health outcomes given to patients. numerous patients haveto be checked by us every day and each person has a different illness. It is important to have astate detached emotion to provide proper care. We cannot linger on the Nurses cannot linger onemotional attachments which will hamper their productivity as a Healthcare service provider.Autonomously nurses have to perform their responsibilities irrespective of their what all units
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