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Running Head: WONDERLAND MALL MANAGEMENTAssignment 2Wonderland Mall ManagementStudent Name:Student ID:Course Name:Course ID:Faculty Name:University Name:
WONDERLAND MALL MANAGEMENT1Table of ContentsAnswer #1(a): Requirement Document – IEEE Std-30...................................................................2Answer #1 (b): Requirement Document – Volere Template...........................................................3Answer #2: Necessary Fit Criteria...................................................................................................4
WONDERLAND MALL MANAGEMENT2Answer #1(a): Requirement Document – IEEE Std-301.0 Introduction1.1 PurposeThe purpose of this requirement document is to understand the aspects that are required to bedeveloped in the mobile application that is being designed for the WMM. The document hasbeen written for the individuals or the stakeholders who will be involving in the development ofthe intended mobile application. The major stakeholders are the Wonderland Mall managementteam, the internal team who will be working on the software development and the end users fromwhom the feedback on the application’s convenience will be assessed.1.2 Product ScopeThe mobile application will be used by the existing and new customers of the mall. The mobileapplication will allow the customers in viewing the offers that are going on in their nearby WM.This document has detailed the various aspects of the application that has to be present in it. Theapplication will be developed to ensure that the WMM receives the interested customers’ datainto their database and build and displays advertisements catering to these customers. Theapplication will bring ease on both the side of the business that is on the customers’ side, thecustomers will be able to know what offers are going in the nearby Wonderland Mall, and themanagement will be able to display targeted advertisements.1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, AbbreviationsGiven below are the definitions that have been used throughout the document:Store Location:The Coordinates of Wonderland Mall location that is received from the GooglemapMobile Application:Software used by the mobile phone users for different purposes such ascalling, messaging, sharing, and other activities.1.5 OverviewThe requirement document has been divided into three chapters, starting from the introduction.The next chapter discusses the general specification about the mobile application that is beingbuilt. The current section is concerned with understanding the mobile application to be built andthe related requirements.
WONDERLAND MALL MANAGEMENT3The 3rdchapter is concerned with specifics about the mobile application which have somefunctionalities mentioned that have been included in the application.2.0 General Description2.1 Product PerspectivesThe mobile application for Wonderland Mall being developed will be acting complete customertracking mechanism. If the customer visits the mall, then the detective device installed in themall detect the presence of customer app. It will help in placing targeted ads. Moreover, thelocation based detection system will allow the mall management to send targeted ads to theindividual of particular location.2.2 Product FunctionsGiven below are the product functions:a) Multiple Account LoginThe users will be able to login to the mobile application with their various social media accounts,namely, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.b) Account IntegrationWith the use of Data Retrieval Engine, the application will collate all the information fromvarious social media together and bring them together at one location. The application will askfor update from the users if there is any data conflict (when data from two source – LinkedIn andFacebook – conflicts).c) Location TrackingThe application will track the location of the users and will relay it to the ad mechanisms.d) Location Based AdsThe location based advertisements will be shown to the users, specifically from the nearestWonderland Mall.e) Application Detection SystemThe installed mobile application installed in the users’ phone will be detected by the detectivesystem available in the mall when the users visit the store. It can be used to show targeted mobileads or banner ads.2.3 User CharacteristicsThe users of the mobile application from WMM are given below:
WONDERLAND MALL MANAGEMENT4Working Moms:They are office going women who prefer to shop in the night or on theweekends as they do not get enough time to spend during the office hours.Non-Working Moms:They have no preferred days for shopping. They prefer to shop when theyfeel bored and can be best target group for the mobile application.Teenagers:They prefer to hangout in malls and at public places with their friends. They look forfun and can be attracted to the mall using the targeted ads to spend quality time there.Employed People:These include male and female both, they prefer to shop in the weekends andmajorly concerned with the offers that can help them save on their budget.Unemployed People:Available all days for shopping.2.4 General ConstraintsThere is only one constraint which is of budget. The project has to complete within the definedbudget by the management. There are no other constraints that seem evident at the moment.2.5 Assumptions and DependenciesMentioned below are the assumptions that have been taken for the mobile application:The requirements specified by the management are complete and there will be no changes duringthe application development.The detective system within the mall is already in place along with the electronic banneradvertisements. The detective system is compliant with the IT rules and regulations of the localand national government.2.6 Apportioning RequirementsThe addition of vendors for the advertisements can be delayed and the current launch of thesystem does not depend on the vendor integration through API.3.0 Specific Requirements3.1 Functional Requirementsa. When the users visit an area with the available Wonderland Mall, the users will get thenotification about the offers available in the mall.b. The users can prefer to integrate their social media account with the mobile application whichcan be used in other times to login to the mobile application by the users.
WONDERLAND MALL MANAGEMENT5c. The information shared by the users will be sent to the database using the databasemanagement engine. The Data Retrieval Engine will collate all the data (taken from variousaccounts of the users) together and submit to the database.3.2 External Interface RequirementsEXI1: Users should be able to login to the mobile apps and create accounts.EXI2: The users should be able to enable and disable ad notification and set preferences.EXI3: The navigation button should allow going back and forth.EXI4: The users should be able to login to the application using LinkedIn, Twitter, and FacebookEXI5: Users should be able to view all the offers when swiping left to right or right to left.EXI6: Users should be able to view the mobile application with same clarity at all the screensizes.3.3 Performance RequirementThe primary requirement is about the speed with which the network works within the mobileapplication. The application being a light weight is expected to perform very well. The responseto the users’ touch should be fast. The interface should respond in 1/4thof a second. Theadvertisements should be location based. The application should consume minimum possiblebattery, network strength, and data usage from the phone.3.4 Design RequirementsThe design should be attractive to the users. The color combination should be attractive andshould be based on the color theme of the Wonderland Mall. The logo of the company should beused as the application icon.3.5 Software Quality AttributesThe software should be able to successfully operate within the phones. The application must notcontract any kind of virus or harming software into the phone. There should be periodic updatesof the mobile application based on the security requirements and feedback from the users. Thesoftware should not act on its own without the permission and no personally identifiableinformation should be shared to the external party and even to the company if users do not wishto do so.3.6 Other RequirementsThere should not be advertisements that do not agree with the preferences of the users.Moreover, the advertisements should not be offensive. The mobile application should comply