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Worchester Subnetting Configurations and Boston Site Protocol, Route Summarization, and Topology ImprovementsSite Details and Challenges Subnetting Configurations:Worchester has design different subnets for different department or area. But network doesn’t have any subnet for network devices. There is no subnet for server management too. Current network uses network for this site. Subnets as mention below:VLANSubnetSubnet-maskFirst valid IPLast valid IPAssign toVLAN ManagementVLAN 1010.2.10.0255. 1110.2.11.0255. 1210.2.12.0255. Site Protocol, Route Summarization, and Topology Improvements: Routing Protocol:Routing protocol is design for learn route dynamically. OSPF is link-state routing protocol which use Dijkstra’s algorithm to find best path to destination and other paths as redundant paths. OSPF update its data base according to paths. OSPF works on LSA principal.OSPF has different area types. We can summarize network address at ABR or ASBR. Those routers are boarder area routers.We have three different areas. Each area has four subnets. Currently, there full advertisement into OSPF domain. Now, I’m going to use summarize network address to minimize routing table.Summarization:Summarization is reverse of subnetting. Router will only advertise its summary address rather than full route (all subnets).a)BR1 AREA,,, AREA 2:,,, AREA 3:,,,
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