EAPM4000 Professional communication practice

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Speaker’s noteThe word Intercultural communication can be defined as the process of interactingwith people from diversified cultures and backgrounds. It can be done through negotiating ormediating and exchanging of cultural differences via language, verbal and non verbalgestures and others. For instance, In Australia people greet each other by shaking hands orhugging, while in China, it is different. People there may bow or nod, in order to greet eachother, instead of shaking hands.When talking about culture, China is diverse in nature, with diversified language andethnicity. There are fifty six ethnical groups in total, who have their own specific language. Itis influential to the country’s physical geography, as people share different culture. China isdiverse, in terms of people, culture, religion, administrative nature and many more. The landand its geography define the people’s culture. Moreover, the working culture of Chinesepeople is very interesting. People are expected to be well prepared at the meetings with powerpoint presentation materials in strictly black and white colors.Small talks are considered to be highly important in the beginning of any meeting.Before making any deal, it is important to establish a strong bond or relationship. Maintainingcalm and composure is seen as a vital component during the meeting hours as showingemotion or causing embarrassment can have a negative impact for any business negotiation.Chinese people usually enter a meeting room in a hierarchical order, that is, based on theposition they are working. One needs to be curious but calm at the same time. Punctuality isvery important as being late can be a serious offence in their business culture.According to Christine Raynaud, the CEO of Morgan Phillips Greater China, thebusiness culture of Chinese people is very entrepreneurial and the change rate is higher. The
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