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Work Safety in ICT Assignment

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Added on  2020-04-21

Work Safety in ICT Assignment

   Added on 2020-04-21

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Running head: WORK SAFELY IN ICT
Work safely in ICT
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Work Safety in ICT Assignment_1
Answer to question 1:
The purpose of policies, processes and procedures WHS (Work Health and Safety) is to
support agencies and organization to implement effective safety management and work health
system that is consistent to the standard legislation. It also intends to provide information to
agencies for clarifying responsibilities and duties of managers, supervisors and officers in
contributing to healthy and safe work environment. Policy of WHS act is applicable to all
organizations under the direction and control of Minister for Health (Joss et al. 2017). Policies
are intended to create better relationship between owners and employees.
Answer to question 2:
Some of the legislation that are to be consider when working around Australia are as
Fair work Act, 2009
Work Health and safety act of Northern territory
Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 of Victoria
Occupational health and Safety regulations 1994 of Commonwealth
There are some model code of practice that should also be complied with. This involves
managing noise and prevention of hearing loss at work, managing the facilities and work
environment, managing risks of hazardous chemicals at workplace, first aid practices and
demolition work.
Work Safety in ICT Assignment_2
Answer to question 3:
Answer to question 3a:
Implementation of WHS standards at workplace can be faced with some barriers and they
are listed below:
Inadequate information of WHS
Lack of understanding on part of organizations or employers
Inequality in consultation process
Inappropriate methods of communication
Lack of consultation skills on part of supervisors and representatives of WHS
Physical barriers
Lack of confidentiality
Poor process of consultation
Short term expectation and outlook
Answer to question 3b:
Poor consultation skills of supervisors and representatives of WHS- The potential value
of consultation is limited by creation of barriers due to poor communication techniques and or
consultation. Confidence should be built in consulting and communication by training and
supporting representatives and supervisors of workers. The effectiveness of consultation process
can be improved by using a variety of consultation strategies (Woolley et al. 2014).
Work Safety in ICT Assignment_3
Answer to question 4:
WHS representatives- The responsibilities of WHS representatives is to improve
awareness and communication about requirements of legislation. They are responsible to raise
any issues concerning WHS to management on behalf of students and employees.
PCBU such as venue manager and studio owner- PCBU’s have the authority to act
within the limit of their control and to make decisions for making workplace safe. They have the
responsibility of meeting with obligations in accordance with WHS regulation 2011 NSW and
WHS Act 2011 NSW (De Cieri et al. 2015).
Contractor/Employees- Responsibility of contractor or employee is to comply with the
codes of practice, legislation and standards that are applicable to their particular scope of work.
They should follow the procedures and policies of guidelines of contractor safety.
Answer to question 5:
Answer to question 5a:
In order to create effective WHS procedures, it is suggested to create effective
communication. Some of the recommended procedures are as follows:
Discussing work practices and other issues with managers and representatives of WHS
Sharing and sourcing of information relating to legislations needs to be updated and
gained using the platform of intranet and internet.
Effective communication can be contributed by considering communication barriers in
isolated and remote work locations that would help in making possibility of daily contact.
Work Safety in ICT Assignment_4

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