Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care - Report

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Working in Partnership in Health and SocialCareThere are several legislations related to health and social care aregiven by legal bodies of particular nation. Which must beimplemented by companies in their day to day working forsafeguarding their workers and patients. Few legislation policiesand practices which have to be implemented by Aldgate Healthclinic for men for working with following rules. Description of allthese is given below: -Mental capacity Act 2005- people who are suffering from mentalissues they are not able to take decision for own selves. Main aimof this norm is to provide empower to such peoples as well forthem such plans and schemes are framed up which help inproviding living standard to such peoples. This legislation helpsindividual in taking right decisions of their own life which is mostimportant for survive happily. Some person who are sufferingfrom the same admit in mental health care same things are appliedon them also for their better life. Such activity teams like regionalauthorities, mental health services, social – care services, policeforces, and family’s members as well are required to evaluate themental or maturation capability of the one-on-one prior to takeany judgement of the other person as this will effect in the lives ofmental issues persons. All partnership enterprises must have towork efficaciously as their offering would touch on the patientsand assist them in increasing the standards of their living style.Policies are course of action which is framed by government orthe organisation to influence and determined judgement making.When collaboration of two or more organisation take place thenthese policies gives both results negative and positive. becauseeverything has their two aspects where positive in the way, whenboth enterprises do their activities together as well get motivatedor influence with other policy making. Although, policies createunified process of doing work. On the other hand, its negativeeffect is sometimes conflict arises in firm and reason of these isorganisations want to apply their own policy for businessadvertisement. Below given are policies and practise used byseveral sectors for the collaborative working is given.Care actt 2014- the main aim of this act is to bring together anumber of separate pieces of health and social care legislations.Changes implemnted in 2015 included a range of new obligationsfor local authoristies around the provision and advice.As per the above mention case study, Aldgate health clinic for Menis partnership organisation serving their services for men's properlyspecially above 30 years. Motive of preparing broacher is to giveknowledge to users, professional and organisation which is related tosame sector. That one person cannot manage entire working ofcompany especially in respective industry because sometimes therecan be some emergency cases also for working on it staff is required.There are several models in health and social care sector as well theirdescription is given below: -Unified Model: for working in health institution there isrequirement of training and it can be possible when staffing ofpersonnel is done. Activities like management, staffing and trainingdon't have any separate area other than organisation. Main purpose ofdesigning same structure is to provide the appropriate or neededservice to the person who require. Health care institution take this asorganisational structure. Along with this it has some benefits also:single system for all the services delivery, includes all health andcare activities, has separate financial system and precede only onestrategic approach that carries a set of the well- defined goal andobjective.Coalition Model: In this model, several activities areassociated together but don't work together. Generally, it can be saidthat management, staffing and training of the employees areinterlinked each other with assistance of establishment but all thesework separately. For instance, there is no engagement of staffing tothe training of staff members. Apart from this its benefits to Aldgatehealth clinic for Men (AHCM) are: the activities and offeringcooperate in the joint action, area carry out those activities which isassigned to them, working individually is advantageous so there is noessential to have data of all the activities and the portion.Hybrid Model - In local councils the hybrid model isbecoming increasingly familiar as social services departments do nothave access to unlimited funding, and are unable to keep up with theever-rising costs and demands placed upon themNHS: work of NHS is to provide services related to healthand care. As well it also concise the course for the patients and theirfamily or guardian such as mediator, anger management and manymore.Government: main role of government bodies in this is torender support to several sectors and help them in many forms likefinancial, resources allocation, arrangement and so n.Modified model – This study promotes variations inworking so that better utilization of resources is made.

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