Working in Teams and Team Lead Report

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Robert and LindaPart A- PPTPart B – Roll PlayTeam Lead: it is quite unfortunate you have both failed to maintain the organisations andprojects goals and objectives and opted to complete each other rather than work as a team. Weare hoping you have revaluated the level of concern and understood the objectives you areexpected to meet?Team member: the problems occurred due to me trying to outperform my colleague Linda so asto gain favour and popularity among the organisations heads. It was only a natural instinct tocomplete for a higher position and recognition which led me to stray my focus on the objectiveof the project. This has been and important lesson to me as I have been able to understand I needto maintain the organisations objectives and work as a team. This is essential for theorganisations development as team work helps attract many benefits which would otherwise beunachievable.Team Lead:Robert, since our last meeting and discussion have you had an opportunity todevelop any theories linked to organisation change and how we can successfully implement thestrategies at OZ market?Team member:Yes since the meeting held between you me and Linda I have investedconsiderable time towards the subject and been able to identify some important organisationchange strategies and theories which I must practice before implementation so as to set anexample. Change will in most situations create confusion among employees and collages makingit critical that change is managed to prevent affecting the organisations or individualsperformance.Team Lead:how do you intend to implement and train others regarding organisation change.
Team member:I intend on implementing change by setting and sample thus allowing others oview me as a role model rather than a competitor. Sharing information and knowledge would bemy first proprietyPart C – Team CharterCompany ObjectivesOrganisation growthIncrease ProfitabilityExpand globallyParticipantsDirectorsManagementHR ManagerStaffConflict ResolutionTeam workCommunicationreportingGoalsBoost service deliveryBoost efficiencyAdopt TechnologyPromote innovationTalent developmentDefined SkillsCommunicationBusiness ManagementProblem solvingITTeam contributionCommunication PlanProposalsMeetingsEmailsPhoneWeekly planMilestonesMonthly progressreport at all levelsPerformanceperformance reports andreporting at weeklybasisMember ContributionIndividual,departmentalCommunication plan
Method 3 – Oral PresentationIncreasing Engagement and Participation among the Stake HoldersThe first step linked to managing workplace conflict being able to detect the conflict and rivalrybefore it goes out of control. This has already been observed at OZ Market where the projectmilestones are not being met as a result of the rivalry. This makes it imperative to hold a meetingbetween the two employees and highlight their shortfalls (P. N, 2011). It’s important todemonstrate the importance of maintained current operating performance and also contributetowards the ODP project. The ODP project can also be broken in the sections which should bedistributed equally to Robert and Linda.Activities to Help Defuse the Conflict between Robert and LindaBoth employees would be responsible for maintaining their targets and milestones and must beable to present a consolidated project report to the management. This will encouragecommunication and eliminate rivalry thus defusing the tension and allowing both colleagues towork as a single unit. It’s critical for the presentation and reports to be compiled together and allpoints discussed and understood amount the two as each would require presenting theirDirectorSr Manager &HR ManagerDepartmentManagerFloorManager/Team LeadTeamMembers
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