Working With Leading People : Assignment

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Working With Leading People
INTRODUCTION Recruitment is regarded as an important aspect of human resource management.Recruitment is not a single term but a systematic process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting andappointing candidate for desired job. Considering case of united parcel service a leading parcelservice company in UK which is facing problem in their leadership, management andadministration leads to minimize in of growth rate of organization which leads to sacking of theirCEO and mass resignation of their employees from different office. It is a very critical conditionfor a company hence it be rectified in effectual and profound way by a human resource managerto carve out problems and allow the organization to grow. For doing that managers and leadersmust possess some skills and attributes, follow a suitable structured procedure and potentleadership quality including motivations and sustainability.TASK 1 P1: Documentation of selection of new staff in organization Documentation is an important factor of any hiring process. It makes sure transparency inselection procedure as documents are legal mandate elements which are verified by government.Some of the verified documents which are accepted in hiring procedure are passport, pan card,driving license, original school documents. Many organizations including united parcel servicehave their documents which containing necessary details about employee like name, family,occupation, contacts etc. These documents must provide all necessary information aboutemployee as well as it must be convenient reaching out to them. Documents helps in regularmonitoring of activities of their employee in both external and internal environment which helpin minimizing unethical activities of employees, frauds and other criminal activities.Documentation also helps in monitoring employees earnings so that they cannot escape taxationand policies of government.Apart from this entire factor the main factor which is being includedis contract or bonds which give legal rights for both company and their employee which willsafeguard integrity of both of them. By claiming against each other in case of any unlawfulactivity or any dispute. This step wise hiring process helps in systematic recruitment as CEOand seniors members have also resigned so it has become important to hire a responsible personfor responsible leading position of and organization.
Apart from hiring a job they must hire some of the employee hence their jobs me defined as wellas type o their like permanent, short term or contractual basis. Steps of hiring process of employee -Reviewavailability- Promote job availability and vacancy in marketApplicationprovide different platform like digital and offline for application by candidates Recruitment- select desired candidate for job profile and neglect incomplete. Screeningsselected candidates are called up for screening process Interviewsinterviews are conducted by Human resourceP2: Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical consideration in recruitment and selection process. documentation – it verifies all legal aspect of employees job specification- employees are given offer letters which includes specification about their jobsand their role in an organization.Welcome -employees are welcomed in team.As a manager of UPS it is important to follow all guide lines of recruitment which will generatefaith in new employee but assuring them a legal contract.P2: Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical consideration in recruitment and selection process. These factors are to be considering in recruitment process. As a human resource manager it isimportant to consider factor having authorized rights and social responsibilities. Legal factors-It must be noted that there must not be any prohibition and discrimination on anygrounds. All documentations must be relevant and policies and rules must be cleared at the timeof hiring process. All hiring process must be followed under the guidelines of labor law of UK.This helps in legalization of hiring and neutralizes any disputes. .Regulatory authority- a regulatory authority is a body which is a government agency or apublic authority which exercise an autonomous authority on human activities in supervisioncapacity. It is an independent arm of government which regulates their own area according totheir guidelines and policies. Regulatory body like General Council of the BarFaculty of AdvocatesLaw Society of Northern IrelandLaw Society of Scotland
Office of the Immigration Services Commissionerare some of the regulatory authority workingin UK for protecting rights of employs as well as organizations. Ethicalgrowth is necessary in organizational structure but with it an organization must m\beentitled to have ethical values. Recently they have sacked their CEO which leads to designationof around 50 employees this gives a clear indication that ethical values for some extent havebeen compromised in organization.All these factors do not provide monitory profit to these organizations but they provide a brandimage and provision of sustainability of organization. Currently company is going through arough patch in market so they cannot take further risks in spoiling their impact further inorganizational scenario. These factors are in spotlight always hence they cannot be neglectedespecially when company is planning to have a long term investments in their sector.United Package Services have different type of job roles for performing different tasks. Permanent jobs – Since company is facing problem of lacking employees in theirorganization that will try to hire employee who can be there for permanent basis as they have aninsight of growth in business environment. Fixed term – This type of hiring is on contractual basis where employees are hired fordoing a specific job e.g. Like in UPS they hire different employees who can promote theirbusiness international market.Short term – They are mostly labors who are hired on the onset of work load i.e. parceldelivery. Their hiring in on daily basis .Issues related to diversity - Expansion is a important factor of organization from a very lingtime they are facing but they find difficulty in trading in Arabian countries e.g. With rising ofterror activities and clashes on oil deals between European countries and Arabian countries hashamper the organization in a very log way. Regulatory constrains - Company have to strictly focus on regulations of government policies.They must make sure people are getting better return of their work otherwise they will beresponsible and liable unethical conducts

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