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Management in Ethics and Corporate Governance | J&T Express Case Study

Added on - 27 Jan 2022

Workplace ethics refer to a guide or set of moral principles or values that need to be followed or compliant by both employers and employees. The management also can guide and mentor their employees in a healthy environment. So, they will strengthen the bond between employees and superiors. Then, ethics also can help in improving the productivity and job satisfaction of employees. The following report presents a brief about the case study, problems faced and recommendations to solve the issue.

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Assignment 1

PPB 3183





Ethics teaches a person on how to behave in good way. There are some variousdefinitions
that define what is ethic. But from the definitions, we can say that ethics refer to the guide
what is action that morally good or what is action that morally bad. Ethics become a must
component in our daily lives including at workplace. Employers and employees must have
good ethics when working in organisation so that they will contribute good qualityof work
especially in businesscompany. The company has to take good care of production quality and
potential customers. In order to maintain company reputation in customer’ perspective, the
employee of the company must show good behaviour when serving the customers. So, the
customers will give good review about the company and they may become as regular
customers. For that, any organisation or company must have workplace ethics.

Workplace ethics refer to guide or set of moral principles or values that need to be
followed or compliant by both employers andemployees. There are a few examples ethical
behaviour at workplace. One of it is develop professional relationship. It is important in building
up a good teamwork between the employees. Professional relationship also important to help
the idea and knowledge to be spread widely between the employees either high or low level
employees. Not to mention if the employees have professional relationship outside the
organisation, that will help to promote to more people. Besides that, take responsibility. A
person must have that sense of responsibility especially when working. They must take
responsibilities in any decisions that they make whether it will be a good impact or bad impact.

Furthermore, there are a few examples of unethical behaviour at workplace. Oneof it
that always occurred in our community is extended breaks. Some of the employee extend the
lunch break because having fun chatting among them. Some of them taking the advantage by
eating outside and meeting friends from outside. Other than that, employee lying to the
employer. They may fake their actual work result to show only good side of them toward the
employer so that they will get paid as usual or maybe they will get bonus because of good
performance. But then, if they show that their performanceat work is drowning, they may get
paid less or potentially for dismissal.

Workplace ethics can give advantages to the employers and employees. Workplace
ethics can help stimulate positive behaviour of employees at workplace. The management
also can guide and mentor their employees in a healthy environment. So, they will strengthen
the bond between employees and superior. Then, the ethics also can help in improving
productivity and job satisfaction of employees. Bad workplace ethics can cause a strain inthe
relationship with company stakeholders. That bad relationship can lead to damage reputation
of the company because of bad ethics at workplace. The stakeholders also will not choose the
company to invest their money.

2.0OverView about theTopic:

Such was the case at J&T Express in Kuala Lumpur on February 4, when a video showed the
human resources department throwing customers' packages around without regard to the
company's image. The violent distribution of packages quickly caught the attention of
consumers. According to J&T Express, the disturbance in the video was caused by a
misunderstanding of year-end bonuses by some workers, which led to the violent sorting of
packages on February 4. In addition, The Company promised customers compensation for
the damaged packages, and the employees featured in the video issued a public apology. The
regulator also said delivery companies that fail to protect consumers' rights will be fined and
jailed accordingly.

3.0TheReflection of This Issue

As aservice industry, J&T should put consumers' rights and interests in the first place. This
behavior has seriously damaged the company's image in the hearts of consumers. As a result,
consumers no longer trust this express company and choose other express companies to
replace it, which will greatly affect the company's profits. Express companies licensed under
the postal Service Law of 2012 must abide by the conditions and rules formulated especially
in the protection of consumer rights. This behavior not only fails to protect the legitimate rights
and interests of consumers, but also greatly affects the company's reputation. In its statement,
the Communications and Multimedia Regulatory Commission of Malaysia said the case
should be taken seriously, adding that if the license holder is found to have breached any
subsidiary legislation, they may be fined not more than RM300, 000 or jailed not more than
three years, or both. In addition, the regulator urged consumers to know and understand their
rights before choosing any Courier service to deliver the goods they purchased.

The rights and interests of consumers refer to the rights and interests that consumers
enjoy in accordance with the law when they obtain goods or receive services for compensation
and in a certain period thereafter. The rights and interests of consumers are the rights given
to the end users of commodities by the objective needs of economic operation under certain
social and economic relations.
J&T Express, one of the companies that provides logistics services in the form of
documentation and delivery of goods, has adopted a marketing strategy that uses brand
ambassadors as part of its advertising, while other similar companies do not use brand
ambassadors as promotional tools. Maintaining service quality has also become a part of the
strategy adopted by the company in the face of competition. The decision of potential users of
logistics services has another factor as an indicator of choosing logistics service providers,
that is price. This casedoes not protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the
damage of express delivery will lead to consumers no longer trust express companies. In
recent years, the express industry has developed rapidly. In 2018, the total business volume
of China's express delivery enterprises reached 50.71 billion pieces, up 26.6 percent year on
year. Experts pointed out that, at the same time, the industry's own management system
needs to be constantly improved, enterprises should put forward countermeasuresaccording
to the actual difficulties, reasonable planning, and strengthen the supervision of relevant

General understanding in context discussed ( support or disagree with existing

It can be seen from J&T's statement that there was an incident of violent parcel sorting at the

sorting center. The reason is that some employees are not clear about the bonus distribution

plan, which causes some employees to make trouble to
gether and cause losses to customers.
The company stated that these incidents were “really our management errors” because they

hired temporary workers to handle the increased number of packages and “only received

simple training”. The company apologized fo
r customer dissatisfaction and losses caused by
internal mismanagement, and stated that it would "take all responsibilities, quickly improve

management and service levels, and provide professional training for employees."

In this incident, many people believed that J&T employees were unethical, because

they did not know the company's bonus distribution plan and made the unethical behavior of

throwing express delivery. This is disrespectful and unethical behavior towards customers.

They should be condemned.

In my opinion, I disagree with this view. I think this is an unethical management

behavior. It is J&T's negligence on management ethics and
corporate governance. Of course,
employees of the company also have certain responsibilities. Because of their personal

unethical behavior, the company needs compensation and reputation. Direct loss, but I think

the main reason is that the company did not
properly train and manage its employees, which
led to this result. This is a behavior that does not conform to management ethics and corporate
governance. As far as management ethics is concerned, it is actually a behavior standard that
guides the personal
work of managers. Unethical management means that managers lack
ethical practices, and managers tend to maximize profits. In the company's statement, J&T

made it clear that this was because temporary workers were hired to handle the increased

number of pa
ckages and "only received simple training." So I think the reason is that J&T’s
unethical management behavior has led to such unethical behavior of employees, which is a

company’s problem. If the company can stand in the perspective of consumers and custom

administrators are not inclined to maximize profits, but serve consumers and customers, follow

dissatisfaction. On the contrary, it will promote sales and improve the company's image.

State the better solution:
One of the better way for solution is to improve team management skills. Team management

skills are abilities and qualities that enable leaders
to achieve group harmony and direct teams
towards timely goals. Team management skills include abilities such as
-making and effectiveness control. One of thereasonsthat J&T company perform
poorly in the workplace is poor management. The management team such as agent or dealer

take place will lead to lower wages effect. For exa
mple, there are agent or dealer who take
place as on behalf of J&T company hire workers that are paid lower wages due to high

competitor of price taker. The better way to improve team management skills is to observe

employee interactions within group setti
ngs. J&T company may also need to carry out seminar
or conference that professional in consultant for management level to learn managerial skills,

strategies and target critical areas of improvement. J&T company can always do research or

investigate in dif
ferent state to ensure that internal control of team managementisnot
Besides t
hat, J&T company need to follow Malaysialaborlaw. J&T company need to
pay standard salary follow by rules and regulation for all their workers. This is because some

of the
employee’scomplaint that their salaryispaid in unfair such as commission,overtime,
and bonus. J&T company need to ensure that all the employees are paid in fair. For example,

for employees who have worked for a year need to paid full bonuses and for those who have

worked for less than a year, bonuses are paid according to the length
of working time without
prejudice. In addition, government agency also need to focus more on this field. The

government agency need to ensure that the company follow rules and regulation in order to

reduce violent cases happen.
Accordingto labor law of Republic of China, ifthe employee
asked by employer to work overtime, the employer need to pay the wage not less than 150%

the employee wages.Thatis payment for working longer hours from usual.Ifemployee
need to work overtime on days of restand they get no rest afterwards, the employerhasto
pay the wage not less than 200%
of theirusualpayments.Allthat havebeen stated under
cle 44.
J&T company also need to
actfor maintaining service quality in term of reputation.
Based on the complaints ma
de on social media, some of its customers who claimed their
packages were opened, damaged or even missing. This will lead to consumers no longer trust

express companies. At the same time, the company many lose their potential investor due to

this cases hap
pen. J&T company need to take action for compensation for the damaged goods
and settlement of missing packages. Maintaining service quality is important for the business

to deal in the long term period.

5.0Support the explanation with solid academic resources

1.There is no life balance. More than you are their good staff you did not askfor. Work
overtime until midnight, and work on Saturdays and Sundays.

2.Poor management and politeness make employees suffer from thinking about what
they want but failing to tell.

3.Every month, there are different policies and rules to pay for the company. All
commissions are different.

4.Swear words, it will embarrass you if the work is 200% completed, especially with the
word high salary given to you by the human resources department.

5.The company's work process is very complicated.

Layoffs, plant closures, and other major events of this nature have a huge psychological and
financial impact on the entire workforce and the company’s reputation. Therefore, in terms of
the method and timing of announcing and implementing the announcement and what clauses
are being formulated to help unemployed employees, they should be treated with special care
and sensitivity. Using new euphemisms such as "layoffs" or "appropriate size" may make
managers feel better about the decision to terminate the job, but from an ethical point of view,
this does not changeanything.

As mentioned earlier, employees have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully,
and the company has an obligation to ensure that individual managers do not abuse their
power or abuse their subordinates. Anymanagement’s act of killing the messenger is
inappropriate, as is any report that actively or passively encourages dishonesty. Employees
should raise ethical or other issues at any time without fear of retaliation. Employees have the
right to rely on employers’ commitments, especially on core matters such as salary, salary
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Ethics is a system that controls human behaviour from external and internal aspects to the lives of individuals and society. While ethics in work is created to control the behaviour of employees so that they can use all the knowledge, expertise and skills available for the benefit of all parties. Work ethic plays a very important role in making employees dedicated and creating a high commitment to work in employees.