Workplace Health and Safety - Assignment

Added on - Dec 2020

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WORKPLACEHEALTH &SAFETY;TRAFFIC CONTROL!1)Hazards and Risks2)Hazardous Materials and Chemicals
3)Reporting and Documentation4)Stress and Fatigue5)Required PPE6)Safety Signs7)Improve Safe Work Practices8)Safe Work PracticesHAZARDS & RISKS;Hazard:A source or situation with the potential for harm in terms of humaninjury or ill-health, damage to property, the environment, or a combination ofthese.HazardIdentification is:
oBefore new forms of work and organisation of work areimplementedoBefore changes are made to workplace, equipment,work processes or work arrangementoAs part of planning major tasks or activities, such asequipment shutdownsoFollowing an incident reportoWhen new knowledge becomes availableoAt regular intervals during normal operationsoPrior to disposal of equipment, or materialsTraffic ManagementHazardsgenerally come from the interaction betweenvehicles and pedestrians.Risks:In relation to any hazard, means the probability and consequences ofinjury, illness or damage resulting from exposure to a hazardRiskExamples are:oWorker fatigue or burnout requiring appropriatesupervision and stress managementoInjury or damage resulting from violent or aggressivebehavior, requiring strategies to defuse or avoid behaviorsof concernoFire in clients homes requiring workers to provide basicinformation on home fire safetyRisksassociated with traffic and powered mobile plant colliding with peoplein the workplace.Effectively managingrisksassociated with traffic moving in and around aworkplace should start with identifying thehazardsand assessing therisksso effective control measures can be implemented to eliminate or managetherisk.HAZARDOUS MATERIALS/CHEMICALSETC;
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