Workplace Reflection Assignment

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Workplace Reflection
Question 1
Workplace reflection: You are to reflect upon your interactions with a diverse range of
people within the school in three (3) different situations. Relevant areas of diversity can
include culture, race, ethnicity, disability, gender, religious and sexual orientation. You may
choose to reflect on another area of diversity.
Complete the following table to document these reflections.
Situation 1
Interaction was with: Student
Relevant area of diversity: Disability
A brief explanation of the interaction: Teaching letters and sound
What were the possible misunderstandings in this situation? I observed that there are so many
misunderstandings in this situation. These
misunderstandings are such as -
Disable students don't understand the value of
They don't understand, what their teachers are
teaching them.
They don't get the career opportunities.
They can't become anything in their life.
To ensure inclusion, my considerations in relation to verbal and
non-verbal communication were: My considerations in relation to
communication with such students are as
follows -
I used as much as movements in my
interactions with them in order to ensure that
they can understand what I am trying to say.
I used gestures to communicate in non verbal
ways to the disabled students in order to do
effective communication with them.
I Listened to them carefully. I Repeated that
what I think during the time of conversation in
order to make sure that what I understand and
what students are trying to say to me have same
interpretation or not.
Reflect on the interaction.
Was it positive? If not, why?
State one (1) thing you learnt from the interaction.
The interaction between me and students were
good and positive. I have learnt from them so
many things which are as follows -
There are no shame to being an abnormal
person as they can be live in the same way as
normal person live.
I should not judge any people from their body
or disability. Because body or look or disability
don't tell the personality of the students or
intelligent of the students. It can be happen
anywhere or any-time to anyone.

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