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Running Head:WORLD HISTORY 1World History
WORLD HISTORY2IntroductionThe main topic that has been selected for carrying out this entire work is “Discriminationfaced by Indigenous Peoples in Canada” and on the basis of it transatlantic slave trade can belinked as it was also related to slavery system by particular group of people.Hook: Everyone knows that from a long time almost since 15thcentury a huge amount ofdiscrimination is faced by the indigenous group of people living in Canada as well as in othercountries also. One of the main challenges for indigenous individuals in the recent times is tomake proposals without even knowing their rights in the international human rights law. Thetransatlantic slave trade took place among the indigenous people of Canada and it was alsoquite common institution among most of the Canadians back in 15thcentury. The entiretransatlantic slave trade shaped the role as well as presence of slavery in the history ofCanada.Road Map 1. Slavery was mainly hereditary for the Indigenous people of Canada as the mostof the slaves were the prisoners of war and their descendants were slave.2. The different types of discrimination faced by the aboriginal people in Canada such asdiscrimination in the residential schools and also in the Catholic Churches.3. The discrimination tends to affect the indigenous individual also in terms of their healthand well-being.Thesis statement- The indigenous people of Canada played an important role in thetransatlantic slave trade.11Kirmayer, Laurence J., Stéphane Dandeneau, Elizabeth Marshall, Morgan KahentonniPhillips, and Karla Jessen Williamson. "Rethinking resilience from indigenousperspectives."The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry56, no. 2 (2011): 84-91.
WORLD HISTORY3At present the discrimination of the indigenous people in Canada are caused by the followingfactors apart from racial discrimination such as: Catholic Church ideologies, Residentialschool and the enlighten of the Europe.BodyBody paragraph 1Topic sentence-Human rights violation by discrimination in the residential schools inCanadaHistorical background-Since the European invasion of Australia in 1788, theAboriginalpeoplehave been oppressed into a world unnatural to their existence for thousands of years.Point 1-Indigenous people face a lot of challenges in Canada even in the recent times andtheir human rights are violated in a frequent manner in the residential schools till date rightfrom the 1736. One of the main aims of the residential schools was based on the assumptionAboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal.Quotation/proof 1-Laura a student in the residential school said that “When I was firstadmitted to the residential school in Canada that was established 1880 I thought I will be safeand secure in the school as it was intended for the people like me only but there were some ofthe white people in the different administrative departments that treated me badly being anaboriginal. I went on to fight for myself using the human rights that were violated because Ibelong from the indigenous group”Analysis 1-The indigenous people of Canada in terms of the residential school have beendenied control over their own development based on their own priorities, values, and needs.These people are also under-represented from every ground and also less amount of access to
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