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A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift (ENGL 111)

Added on - 13 Mar 2020

A Modest Proposal is written by Jonathan Swift in the year, 1729 is a satirical essay. In this writing, Swift expresses his grief by stating that the Irish people must raise more children in order to sell them to the rich gentlemen for food. This is a satirical essay because through his writing he wanted to suggest that Irish people must lessen their burden by growing Children and selling them for food to the Irish economically well-established man.

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The conclusion is "A Modest Proposal," and the narrator insists that he had no selfish motives in his proposal. He thought it was best to improve the public good, encourage trade, provide for children, help the poor, and give the wealthy some joy. The narrator explains, however, that what he recommends does not apply to him because he no longer has newborn children and his wife is no longer of child-bearing age.