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Writing and Communication SkillsWhenever a person wants to travel from one place to other, which is quite far, they opt for different modesof transportation. One of the leading modes of transportation is car, which gives a person the ease oftravelling on their own time, on a place where the individual wants to go. With the growing awareness ofpollution spread by the ordinary cars, companies came up with electric cars and Tesla was one of suchcompanies. The following parts cover a comparison between the electric cars of Tesla and the ordinarycars.The first and foremost point of comparison between the ordinary cars and Tesla electric cars is that theformer run over petrol or diesel, which is the conventional fuel for the cars; whilst the later operates onelectricity, which is the modern fuel for the cars. The electric cars have the problem of charging as thesecannot go over long distance and have to be stopped for long time for the cars to be recharged fully(Anderson and Anderson, 2010). The car manufactured by Tesla is no different and after running it to acertain distance, it has to be left out and charged for it to run again. This is not the problem with theordinary cars, where after running these cars to a certain distance, these can be made to run again simplyby refuelling the tank with petrol or diesel (Moss, 2010).However, as per the experience of an individual taking up a comparison between the regular cars and theTesla’s electric car, he favoured the Tesla’s electric car. As per this traveller, the convenience of homecharging offered by Tesla is underappreciated. An overnight charging of the Tesla’s electric car got thetraveller 200 hard driving miles of range every day. This provided the traveller with the ease of not havingto stop at gas stations, saving his time; or even to worry about whether he would have enough fuel formaking it to work. The traveller noticed that at an average, it took him way less time to charge his car incomparison to his wife filling the tank when she used her regular Honda car each month. This is coupledwith Tesla proving to be way cheaper in terms of fuel, even with the historic low prices of gas (Everitt,2015).In comparing the electric car of Tesla with the regular cars, there is a need to consider a lot of cost relatedfactors, which goes beyond the gas. Electric cars are a representation of greener and cleaner way oftransport being used in day to day lives. These are coupled with compelling financial incentives for thepersonal and business purposes. Electric vehicles continue to be more efficient in comparison to the fossilequivalents. This helps an individual in driving a longer distance for lesser money being spent and alsohelps in the creation of sustainable energy future. This is coupled with the advantages being offered interms of maintenance of the Tesla electric cars and regular cars. The electric cars require no oil changes,emission checks, or spark plug replacements, which results in the repairs and maintenance being wayless costly. As a result of the strong residual value, along with the over the air software updates, the Teslaelectric cars get better with time (Tesla, 2017).The majority of regular car manufacturers minimize the costs and the plan model lines, which areunchanged for a number of years. However, the engineers at Tesla constantly change the factory layout,Page2
Writing and Communication Skillswhich helps the company in being up to date and in adopting efficient and innovative ways even in itsassembly lines (Maynard, 2015). Even in the zone of electric cars, Tesla is driving innovation. It isconstantly working on improving its cars and the research and development labs of the company areworking on the recharging and battery technology, which goes in the Tesla electric cars. This research isthe reason why Tesla continues to have an edge over its competitors in brining the electric cars tomasses (Bullis, 2013).The Tesla electric cars have integrated the different parts like charger, electronic controls, electric motorand power inverted where it cannot be seen, as against the other electric car makers. Also, there is roomleft for a storage compartment under the hood, which is known as frunk or the front trunk. The storagespace in cases of ordinary cars is not only available in the back trunk. So, even in terms of storage, theTesla electric cars prove to have an edge over the regular ordinary cars. As against the regular carswhich have a fuel tank, Tesla does not have one. It has a large battery pack where the energy storagecells are covered in addition to the cooling system and the electronic controls. Everything is covered in aflat fox, which results in the car getting a very low centre of gravity, and weight around 1,200 pounds. As aresult of this, the Tesla electric cars easily stick on the road corner, which particularly proves helpful whiletwisting on mountain roads. The regular cars provide the drivers with a number of soft-touch buttons,switches, switches, and at times with joysticks. However, Tesla electric cars have everything in thecentre-mounted massive 17 inch display screen, which provides on-screen touch controls, which are clearand easy to use (O'Dell, 2016).Thus, a comparison between regular cars and the Tesla electric cars shows that the world needs to openits arms to Tesla electric cars and replace their ordinary regular cars with Tesla electric cars. This is dueto the number of advantages which comes in the Tesla electric cars, which are cost effective and alsohelp in beating the shortfalls of the regular cars. The woes regarding the recharging of Tesla electric carshave also been proved to be wrong through the real experience of Tesla electric car user.Page3
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