Writing Assignment: Email, Instant Message, and Text Message.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Writing Assignment: Email, Instant Message, and Text MessageIntroduction:This is a three-part assignment. You must do all three parts of it.Part 1. Email AssignmentWrite an email of at least three paragraphs to the director of nursing at a large, urban hospital withcopies to all nursing staff. You are the hospital’s Vice President for Human Resources and you areconcerned about what you regard as declining discipline among nurses in the facility. Be sure to followthe writing principles discussed in class and in your textbook.Part 2. Instant Message Assignment:A. First read the following log of a live IM chat between a customer-service representative and a visitorto an Orlando car dealership’s Web site.B. Then, discuss how the customer service representative, Mark, could have made this interaction with acustomer, Mr. Kim more effective.C. Finally, rewrite Mark’s responses to Mr. Kim’s queries in light of our class discussions and the readingsin your text.Dealer rep:Hey, I’m Mark. How’s it goin? Welcome to Fields BMW South Orlando!Customer:??Dealer rep:I’m supposed to provide live assistance. What can I do you for?Customer:I want to buy a car.Dealer rep:May I have your name first?Customer:Young Jae KimDealer rep:Whoa! Is that a dude’s name? Okay. What kind? New inventory or preowned?
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