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Writing & ResearchCOMM 1312Marking Criteria for the Research Proposalpg.1CRITERIAPOINTSPOINTSAWARDEDCOMMENTS1Cover Page1Header & Page numberRunning HeadTitleBylineAffiliation2Abstract2Say what project is aboutRationaleMethodFindings3Rationale24Qualification Statement(optional)(.50)Extra credit5Literature Review26Methodology17Expected Findings /Implications18References1TOTAL10/20
WRITING THE RESEARCHDr.YAZAN MOHAMMAD AL GHAZOSection: 103Name: Ibrahim Naji AlhayazID: 201403285Major: Mechanical EngineerSubject: Writing and Research Proposalpg.2
Married Couples are More Efficient than Unmarried onesAbstractIt is generally believed that a man needs extreme focus regarding the important topic.Without focus, the professional and even domestic tasks can't be performed. So, in this regard, itis generally believed that married people are more focused than unmarried ones. There are somany reasons behind it (Lecia Bushak,L. 2015). It is seen that bachelors do have many tasks todo in a day and they are just focused towards their career also they can't focus on any otherthings. Moreover, it has also been seen that married ones keep on managing things for eachother so that both husband and wife can focus than the bachelor ones(Quine, W. V. 1951).RationaleI chose this topic because it could prove to be a unique topic which will keep the reader'sinterest maintained throughout the research. Not only that but for the reader's interest, there arethree more topics that have been added to the main topic. The first one is; who’s is the better one,Married or single? (Newstead, S. 1992). This topic is actually related to the main topic whichwill describe the importance of being married and the increased efficiency after marriage.Moreover, in this topic, the views of both classes, single and married have been gathered. ( E.,Pollard, P. 1992). The other topic is," Is this better to get married early?' This topic will alsodescribe the importance of marriage and will tell the readers how married ones possess betterenergy than the singles. By such sub topics, the readers will fully understand the main topics (.,Evans, J. S. B.1992). The third topic, in this regard is, "Who can more focus? Married one or abachelor?" This topic will also deal with the main topic regarding the efficiency and focus to thepg.3
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