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Written Assignment DIPMB2_AS_v2

Added on - 17 Nov 2021

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Written Assignment
Complex Lending and Broking
Student identification (student to complete)
Please complete the fieldsshaded grey.
Student number10551834
Written Assignment result(assessor to complete)
Result — first submission (Details for each activity are shown in the table below)
Parts that must be resubmitted:
Result — resubmission (if applicable)
Result summary (assessor to complete)
First submissionResubmission (if required)
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Feedback(assessor to complete)
[insert assessor feedback]
Before you begin
Read everything in this document before you start your written assignment for theComplex Lending and
About this document
This document is the written assignment and includes the following:
Instructions for completing and submitting this written assignment
Section 1: Case Study A – Ray Murdoch and Steve Brown – Commercial Equipment Finance
Task 1a – Identify the clients’ complex broking needs
Task 2a – Develop complex broking options
Task 3a – Implement complex loan structures
Section 2: Case Study B – Bill Smith and John Jones – Commercial Premises Finance
Task 1b – Identify the clients’ complex broking needs
Task 2b – Prepare complex broking options
Task 3b – Implement complex loan structures
How to use the study plan
We recommend that you use the study plan for this subject to help you manage your time to complete the
writtenassignment within your enrolment period. Your study plan is in the KapLearnComplex Lending and
Instructions for completing and submitting this written
Saving your work
Download this document to your desktop, type your answers in the spaces provided and save your work
Use the template provided, as other formats will not be accepted for this written assignment.
Name your file as follows: Studentnumber_SubjectCode_Assignment_versionnumber_Submissionnumber
(e.g. 12345678_DIPMB2_AS_v2_Submission1).
Include your student ID on the first page of the written assignment.
Before you submit your work, please do a spell check and proofread your work to ensure that everything is
clear and unambiguous.
The written assignment
The information and data you need to complete this written assignment is presented in the case studies at
the beginning of each task.
This written assignment covers complex lending and broking and requires you to answer the questions for
one (1) of the two (2)available case studies. Each case study focuses on a different lending scenario.
Word count
The word count shown with each question is indicative only. You will not be penalised for exceeding the
suggested word count. Please do not include additional information which is outside the scope of the
Additional research
When completing this assignment, assumptions are permitted although they must not be in conflict with
the information provided in the Case Studies.
You may also be required to source additional information from other organisations in the finance industry
to find the right products or services to meet your client’s requirements, or to calculate any service fees
that may be applicable.
Submitting the written assignment
Only Microsoft Office compatible written assignments submitted in the template file will be accepted for
marking by Kaplan Professional Education. You need to saveand submit this entire document.
Do not remove any sections of the document.
Do not save your completed written assignment as a PDF.
The written assignment must becompletedbefore submitting it to Kaplan Professional Education.
Incompletewritten assignments will be returned to you unmarked.
The maximum file size is 20MB for the written assignment. Once you submit your written assignment for
marking you will be unable tomake any further changes to it.
You are able to submit your written assignment earlier than the deadline if you are confident you have
completed all parts and have prepared a quality submission.
Please refer to theAssignment submission/resubmission instructions (pdf)in the Assessment section of
KapLearn for details on how to submit your written assignment.
Yourwritten assignmentmust be submitted on or before your due date. Please check KapLearn for the
due date.
The written assignment marking process
You have 12 weeks from the date of your enrolment in this subject to submit your completedassignment.
If you reach the end of your initial enrolment period and have been deemed Not Yet Competent in one or
more assessment items, then an additional 4 weeks will be granted, provided you attempted all assessment
tasks during the initial enrolment period.
Your assessor will mark your written assignment and return it to you in theComplex Lending and Broking
(DIPMB2_AS_v2)subject room inKapLearn under the ‘Assessment’ tab.
Make a reasonable attempt
You must demonstrate that you have made a reasonable attempt to answer all of the questions in
yourwritten assignment. Failure to do so will mean that your assignment will not be accepted for marking;
thereforeyou will not receive the benefit of feedback on your submission.
If you do not meet these requirements, you will be notified. You will then have until your submission
deadline to submit yourcompletedwritten assignment.
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