You are an Inspiration Essay Assignment:.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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You are an Inspiration Essay Assignment:Competence +Caring + Character = CredibilityOverview:Given the post trust era credibility is more important thanever.To be seen as a credible person people need to trust you.Toestablish yourself as trustworthy you need to demonstrate the threeC’s described in your textbook:Competence, Caring and Character.Directions:Your job now is to identifya single uniqueindividualfor whom you have worked for or with that was either awonderful inspiration to you.You should try to choose a person that you spent a fairly significantamount of time working with or for, so that you had enough time to getto know them and observe their behavior.Examples you can think of might include a manager you had in a retailjob, a supervisor that you worked for during a special project, a mentorthat you had during your education, or a teacher or professor that youtook a class from among many others.I prefer that you do not use aclose friend or family member for this activity.You may use aclassmate or peer if you have never held a job.Content of Essay:You are to type a 1-2 page single-spaced essaywhich describes specific behaviors that your former boss/teacher/etcengaged in.Choose behaviors that reflect either poorly or positivelyon each of the three C’s:Competence, Caring and Character.Eventhough thepurpose of the assignment is to identify an inspirationalperson,you might likely see that the subject of your essay hasstrengths and weaknesses on one or more of the C's.For example, you might choose a professor from the UWT and describethe level of competence as quite high and you would explain thatthrough their understanding of the content of their course and abilityto understand and explain the information.You would provide specificexamples of how you knew that they were or were not competent.Next you would examine the same person for the dimension of“caring”.Did this person demonstrate caring to you or to others?What behaviors did they show that led you to believe that they were orwere not caring?Do they appear to be motivated to help you, orothers?Lastly, you will conduct the same type of analysis on the person’s“character”.What evidence do you have to suggest the level ofcharacter the person exhibits?Consider how honest or ethical theirbehaviors are.Are they forthcoming, open and transparent with theircommunication style? How do they handle confidentiality?Do they
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