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You are employed by a consulting company.

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You are employed by a consulting company. Your company has been recentlyapproached by a British company that is looking for new business opportunitiesoverseas. One option that has been suggested to the board of directors is tourismindustry inSri Lanka. Your task is to evaluate the attractiveness of this industry.You are required therefore to carry out the necessary research to construct ananalysis of the overall competitiveness and investment attractiveness of theSriLankan tourism industry.You should use a range of published sources ofinformation in thistask, such as books, academic journals, periodicals, webresources and relevant databases.Part 1: Porter’s National Diamond Analysis (60 marks)Apply the extended version ofPorter’s National Diamond(PND) model to theSriLankan tourismindustry.Part 2: Market Entry Strategy (20 marks)Based on your research and analysis of the country’s institutional environment,discuss the advantages, appropriateness and limitations of usingForeign DirectInvestment(FDI) as an entry strategy toSri Lankan tourism industry. You need toprovide clear recommendations.Part 3: Contemporary Management Issues (20 marks)DiscussTWO key management issuesthat are identified in your analysis (Part1 and Part 2) that should be taken into account before starting operations intheSri Lankan tourism industry.The word limit for the overall assignment is3600 words.There should be no first person references (I, we, us) in the report. If self-reference is required, you may refer to yourself as "the author" or "this report".The report should have the following structure:Cover page– including the module code, title andword countTable of contents- including the page numbersPart1Part 2Part 3List of referencesAppendices(if necessary)DO NOT NEED ABSTRACTION, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY,INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION
Please use Real Companies in UK and Sri Lanka.You will need to identify what FDI is sri lanka using? Is it green fields, acquistions,majority joint venture, minority joint venture, 50-50 joint venture, majority jointventure. Support with references as well.Talk about the adventages and disadvantages of chosen FDI.
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