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you will implement Database of any type of company (café) and

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you will implement Database of any type of company (café) and then apply some of the concepts that we will learn in the lab. It must be completed, and all required components turned.Project Description:Create database tables (at least 5 tables) as you learn in Database I course. Don't forget to make the following:oPrimary Key, Foreign Key, unique, not null and check constraint.o 1-1, 1-M, M-M relations.Populate each table with complete and accurate data (at least 10 records in every table).Create the following in PL/SQL on your database: oProcedures (4 at least)oFunctions(4 at least)oTriggers(4 at least)oExceptions(4 at least)oAny loop types:Basic loop, FOR loop or WHILE loop(4 at least)The final report shoud include:Short description of your database. Printout the description of each table.Printout the results of a SELECT * for every table.Printout the creation of Primary Key, Foreign Key and check constraint.

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